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Case Studies

Grupio - Case Studies
  • Conference Apps
  • Control your data with an easy to use content management system on a real time basis that lets you publish changes as often as required.
  • List all sponsors and exhibitors in their own sections with logos, descriptions, and links to their websites.
  • Apply customized branding images to different parts of the app such as the menu background and top navigation area. Make you events as unique as they are meant to be.

Case Studies

Grupio - Case Studies
  • Enterprise apps
  • Attendees can network with each other using in app messages, v-card exchanges, QR code scanning of visiting cards, and social media.
  • Different security levels can be set to match the needs of your enterprise. Choose to have attendees login to use the app or login for only certain sections.
  • Host many events in 1 app with the multi event edition apps. Save with development costs by building a single app and reusing it for many events in your enterprise of varying sizes.

Case Studies

Grupio - Case Studies
  • Healthcare apps
  • Organize sessions in multiple levels that start at tracks and go deeper into sessions with sub sessions. Sessions expand and collapse under each other using simple plus and minus signs.
  • Scan attendee badges with QR codes and track attendance to sessions. Get Excel reports of when people entered and exited from sessions using badge scanning technology.
  • Distribute surveys and capture responses on a real time basis as they are filled in by attendees. Attach your surveys to sessions easily.

Case Studies

Grupio - Case Studies
  • University apps
  • Use interactive maps that denote where exactly a location is on a map to illustrate in a dynamic way locations of sessions, exhibitors, and partner companies.
  • Let students and attendees share information from the apps using social media. Get the maximum marketing for your event using the power of social media marketing.
  • Deliver news casts to attendees about matters that interest them such as: university events, school notices, faculty research announcements, and more.

Case Studies

Grupio - Case Studies
  • Sports apps
  • Make real time announcements about game decisions, substitutions, and team information.
  • Teams members can enter into secure areas of the application to message each other and share information via documents.
  • Host sponsor advertisements that rotate in the app and monetize from your team affiliations.

Event Apps Prospects

Grupio Express

A cost effective, quick and easy way to mobilize your event. Your event is featured in the Grupio Event App. Starting at $500 (Free for Universities)...

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Grupio Custom

Get a world class Custom Event App for your event with your branding. Get native event apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and a Mobile website at bargain prices. By far one of the best mobile apps for events at the price.

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Grupio Multi-Event

Do you host multiple events throughout the year? Do you need a mobile event app that provides continuous value throughout the year? Get an event app with your branding that can be reused over and over for multiple events.

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Testimonials & Reviews


"Among all of the competitors in the mobile application field, selecting Grupio has proven to be the right choice for our statewide association. Again this year Grupio will power the annual conference mobility app for our members – elected officials from all 58 California Counties who expect the best. We go with Grupio because they are the best … efficient, attentive to our needs, flexible, reliable, cost effective, and friendly. Their CMS is well designed and easy to use. We highly recommend that you give the experts at Grupio the opportunity to make your mobile app shine also." Jeff Williams, Information Technology Manager, (CSAC)


"We have been using Grupio for a couple years now and enjoy their responsiveness and willingness to make enhancements. The product is very effective and well received by our conference attendees. We have used this for approximately six conferences over the last couple years and are extremely pleased with the application and responsive support." Michael Notarius, IT Exchange Center, 
State University of New York

  Scripps Health

"Grupio has been an integral addition to our conferences over the past year. The app has changed the way we deliver information to our attendees and has given them many more options to expand their learning experience. Not only does it allow us to give our attendees real time updates to their conference materials, but also allows us to offer an environmentally conscience option that people have really appreciated." Andrew Johnson, Conference and CME Planner, Scripps


  • Dec 18, 2017

    Increase attendee participation and engagement with Grupio’s gamification engine.Read More……

  • Nov 10, 2017

    Grupio is launching exciting, new features you will surely love ! Want to see how event apps can take your event to the next level? Read More……

  • Oct 15, 2017

    Grupio launches instant messaging for events. Chat with other attendees just like you would on WhatsApp or Skype!

  • Sept 08, 2017

    Attendee matching is finally here. With the latest release of Grupio attendees can search for other attendees with similar interests and make a connection.

  • Aug 10, 2017

    Grupio makes it easy to create excitement at your event. Engage your attendees with games and leader boards using Grupio's Gamification platform!

  • July 1, 2017

    Grupio 5.1 is just released with some cool features for pharma conferences. Call us to find out more!