5 Event Planning Software to Master Your Event Management Business

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Event life AKA work work work. There’s so much to do and keep track of at all times and you can not afford any mistakes. From event management, logistics, planning, marketing to finance, budget and pack up, you are bound to have your hands full.

In this humdrum of getting things done quickly, there is a broad margin of error when it comes to keeping track of things traditionally, via the paper pen approach. The 21st century is all about technology. And, event management apps have made their presence known. Be it the monotonous checklist or engaging customers on social media, you can now find tools and apps all over the internet to help make your life easy.

If you are planning on investing in any event management app you might want to try these highly recommended software tools that will help you master the event management business.

1. Trello

What is it best for?: Creating Personal to-dos and project management boards

Need to check off a few items? Event life is all about making checklists and striking them off. Trello is one such app that helps you manage your checklists. You can monitor you and track your team’s tasks by creating boards. It will help you create several to-do lists under different boards and pins that will ultimately help you streamline the workflow. This is a really good tool when it comes to conference apps that minimise the fuss and help you align.

Not only that, this tool is a visual treat for people who like to see their work laid out, just without the mess. You can create different boards for different teams based on their tasks and projects and arrange everything according to your requirements. Apart from that, you can add media, assign lists to anyone within the groups, it also has an option to plan out an advanced calendar, e.g. for social marketing teams. You can decide what to do and when to do it.

2. Grupio

What is it best for?: The complete event management and conference planning app.

If you want a customized events app according to your needs then Grupio is the one for you. You have three options: Express, Custom and Multi-event.

– Grupio Express, you just simply upload your content on the CMS and publish it on the Grupio app. It is a cost-effective, efficient and simple way to mobilize your event. Grupio is the best event app and uploading content here makes your app visible to a whole new batch of audience. You can even prevent unauthorized access for your events by making them private if you do not want your event visible to everyone.

– Grupio Custom: It allows you to create apps with customized branding for different device types and OS in just 2-4 weeks. You can manage all the content that you want for your app on the Grupio CMS at any time.

– Grupio Multi-Event: If you have to host multiple events then you should go for the multi-event service. You can create a multi-event app, just like Grupio, to host multiple events at the same time. You can bring down the pre-event cost spent on app development as Grupio gives you a platform to re-use the app.

3. Hootsuite Mobile

What is it Best for?: Managing all social media platforms

Hootsuite Mobile is one of the best social media management tools out there. It gives you the flexibility to manage all your social media handles and at the same time collaborate with your team real-time. Unlike Facebook pages manager that allows just Instagram and Facebook pages, on Hootsuite, you can access so much more like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr. You can even schedule posts, publish content to all major channels, interact with customers, and even work on your social listing. All of this just from one app. You can even assign tasks to your teammates. Along with in-app analytics, you can do last-minute edits in case you feel the need to hype things up too. This the best substitute for a multi-event application.

4. Canva

What is it best for? Image editing and design templates for print and media

Canva has a motto that says “ anyone can design ” This photo editing platform can be accessed from a desktop or you can download the apps for android or iOS. It basically gives you options to edit photos, add text, stickers, frames and effects and a lot more to your social media pics, printing PDF files and a lot more. You can find a lot of free templates, themes and pictures with some paid collection. You can even make stuff from scratch by choosing custom dimensions. There is an option for team/group accounts, too. It gets better, you can either download your design and share these photos directly on your social media channels, even via social media management tool.

5. Quik

What is it best for? Editing live-action or GoPro videos

Live-action videos during events are a must. With so many events, stalls and fun activities around your venue, videos and images on social media are important for brand building. But you can’t really post low-quality videos, this is where Quik comes in handy, it is a great video editing tool by GoPro. You can easily edit your videos from your phone on the spot and just post it. Such kind of white-label event apps make event promotion much easier and attractive. E.g if the audio is not clear, you can pick a song from the free playlist or just add one from your personal collection. Quik has a really awesome feature that automatically syncs your transitions to the beat of the music.


You need to minimize your time wasted on monotonous tasks and instead focus on the implementation of your strategies. You can find a lot of event management apps and software tools online and on app stores that can help make your event a lot smoother. However, the trick is to choose the one that suits your work style and your requirements.

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