Using Mobile Apps for Event Engagement

Event planners, corporations, universities and others are embracing using mobile apps for event engagement. Mobile events apps are ubiquitous for most major corporate events and are used by approximately 37% of Event Planners.

Using Mobile Apps for Event Engagement Overview

Using Mobile Apps for Events

helps to connect your attendees with your event, each other and their social media apps and accounts – driving and improving overall satisfaction for your event.

Your Attendees are Mobile 24/7

you must engage with your attendees when/where they are online. Many are not even carrying laptops anymore, using their smartphones as all purpose connectivity devices. To be successful in their minds and drive engagement, your event must be mobile friendly in every sense of the word.

Build an Event Brand for Your Attendees with a Mobile App

you want top of mind share with your attendees. One of the best features of any conference app is its ability to make your event standout in the mind of the attendees – you building a brand with these attendees and they will remember how easy it was to connect with and leverage your event via their smartphones.

Instantly Update your Attendees using Mobile Apps

No more need for antiquated email for today’s on the go smartphone user! Just message them via your mobile event app with more seats open up in a session or there is a change times or rooms in your facility. Think of mobile apps as email on steroids – message them all instantly and you can even embed links to other information via your messaging.

Personalize your Event with Mobile Apps

e all live in an age and a time when each of us likes a “personal touch” in a way that makes the recipient feel special. Think of event planning app as a personalization tool that lets you connect to each attendee with a customized greeting or link to something that may be special or unique for them

Improve How you Monetize Your Event with Mobile Apps

your attendees are so busy and distracted, the greater your level of efficiency the more incremental revenue your event will generated. Meaning, sell an eBook or up sell that is embedded in your event app. Don’t make them log out go to another web site, register again and then be forced to enter in their credit card (which was captured during your registration process).

Can we help you mobilize your event to drive attendee engagement? We have years of experience (small plug) helping event planners with event app and have worked with major Fortune 1K clients like Johnson and Johnson, the United Way, Novartis, Masie, Tech Data, Cognizant and many others.