5 Smart Ways to Use Personal Conference App in Office Meetings

5 Smart Ways to Use Personal

Conference apps include different features ideal for meeting management in a corporate environment or making video calls with clients. There are a lot of conferences and meetings in an office every day, so it’s good to know how to use a personal conference application for such experiences. Communication between employees working on a project becomes easy with this tool. They say it’s quicker and safer than waiting several minutes to connect from home to the office.

Let’s see the five best ways to use a personal conference app in office meeting.

  1. Attendee List Management:

The Personal conference app allows you to add new attendees and update existing ones. It also allows you to invite people who are not on the list yet, meaning that you can invite any member of your team or client base as long as they have access to your conference account.

  1. Chat:

The chat feature helps you communicate with all of your attendees at once without having their email back and forth with questions or concerns. You can chat with everyone during the meeting and even share links between people, so everyone has the same information available at the same time!

  1. Social Media Integration:

You can add social media integrations into this app so that when someone posts something about their experience during a meeting; it will show up on all their social media profiles! It is great for getting feedback from attendees before, during, and after the meeting.

  1. Share documents:

In a meeting, lots of information gets shared among team members, and you can make it efficiently through this app. You can share your document with others and ask them for their opinion on the same topic or take their feedback on it.

  1. Use the app as an assistant:

The most common use of the in-person conference meeting application is to keep records of the meetings and events. You can also use the app to record calls or get feedback.


Conduct personal conference meetings to get in touch with one another: to talk about projects, ideas, and other work-related topics. And be sure that you’re all on the same page as your company grows and evolves.

Hopefully, the five ways of using Grupio’s In-Person conference app mentioned above will help you through your meeting sessions.

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