How University Apps Can Help with Staff and Student Communication?

How University Apps

We all know how stores and businesses engage with their customers and stay concerned about customer satisfaction. Similarly, nowadays, colleges and universities also continually monitor student satisfaction and track their success. And like retailers who use mobile event apps to connect to their customers both during events and beyond, people in the education sector also use apps to provide a direct channel to communicate with their students.

Grupio’s university apps have emerged to address this need and offer the means to track, communicate with, retain, and even monetize the user base. University apps are designed in a way so that everyone, students and staff, gain the most out of them. Based on reports, students feel more satisfied, safer, and more effective, and the faculty earns valuable feedback while using apps.

Better Staff and Student Communication

This is the era where universities embrace the extension of virtual learning, and these apps contribute to that. It allows students and staff to boost up their engagement beyond the classroom. Also, it extends their access to teaching materials surpassing laptops and desktops. Due to mobile-friendly resources, now the students can ask and learn topics outside of classroom hours.

Here are some of the features of university apps that benefit the users the most:

In-app live chat: Real-time interaction between teachers and students via texts and audio offers a virtual classroom feel and helps students get real-time responses to their queries.

Download or Watch Online: It allows you to add pre-recorded lectures or even record live sessions. It can include videos, texts, or audio that students can download to watch later.

Video Conferencing/ Live Classrooms: The video feature within your app helps you just like tradeshow apps. Online video classes bridge the physical gap between students and teachers. In all, teachers can connect with students via video conferencing to offer better explanations on topics that require guidance, that too whenever students need.

Besides all, the apps also benefit teachers. They can customize and highlight students’ primary resources while encouraging retention and maintaining interest in their studies.

The opportunity for mobile app use within university education is genuinely endless. It has the capacity to make learning more exciting and interactive, and it also provides staff and students the liberty to access the classroom everywhere they need it.

If you need a customized university app to meet your requirements, we at Grupio can help. Let us know what you need, and we will get you an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and a Mobile website at the most pocket-friendly rate. We can also help you with other apps like event planning apps, conference apps, healthcare event apps, CME apps, and plenty more.

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