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What is common between events, conferences, and seminars these days? The answer is mobile apps. The type of event doesn’t matter, but event management apps are now the pillar of enhancing event experience. From effective networking to real-time updates and rich data set insights, enterprise event apps versatility makes them an irreplaceable tool when it comes to event planning.

Shifting from traditional event planning tools to digital and technological alternatives has increased the ROI for the event industry.

With constant improvement in technology, it is now possible to run successful virtual events even during the unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19. Due to the rise in the number of virtual events like podcasts, seminars, etc; there is no surprise that the use of mobile event apps is quite common in the events industry. To keep up with the trends and best practices, organizers need to stay up to date with the shifting landscape of mobile apps.

Event planners should know about the full range and capabilities of mobile apps in order to successfully launch their white label event apps. If you are planning an enterprise event and need to make it more fun virtually, this article covers the spectrum of what you need to add to your conference app.

Below are the features you can add to make your enterprise events apps more fun and keep your brand essence intact at the same time. Read ahead to know more:

1. On-Brand Experience

You need to make sure that you deliver a seamlessly branded experience for participants. This is key to a successful event. From the colors, font, theme, user interface, logo placement, and app flow should deliver a fully branded enterprise event apps experience. Your mobile app should be able to convey the message and theme behind your event. E.g. medical podcasts should not include fashion tips in it. The whole energy of your event should be connected to each attendee’s app profile.

2. Gamification

Virtual events, conferences, or formal meetings do not have to be boring. You can add a little spice to your event organizer app with gamification. There are different stages of 558+and it depends on the type of event you are planning. However, basics remain the same e.g. encouraging participants to earn points after completing a task and compete for prizes. These tasks can be as minimal as meeting other attendees, to sharing feedback or participating in a live podcast. The level of the game can help decide the prize. Just make sure that all you follow the theme of your event.

3. Social media /Live Streaming

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to market or advertise your events organically. Give your attendees an option to share exclusive pictures, writeups, quotes, experiences, or just a platform where they can comment publicly on each other’s posts. You can either directly give a share on personal social media profiles with hashtags or if the event is private you can have an open discussion forum page within your enterprise event apps or tradeshow app.

4. Polling, Surveys, and audience interaction

After a session is over make sure that you engage attendees with chats, questions about a session, or make them participate in surveys and polls. Initiating polls and surveys in real-time is a straightforward method of gathering information. You can do it after, during, or prior to the event. Your event app gives you a platform to collect data directly from your users which can help streamline your future event strategy. Grupio can help you develop the best event apps with moderation tools and collect data from the attendees at the same time.

5. In-app profiles and networking

Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events and also why event apps were developed. In-app profiles help attendees identify people with a similar thought process and facilitates meeting other professionals. Intuitive messaging system, visually pleasing profile UIs play a big part in creating a strong network amongst the attendees and sponsors. Give an option to edit personal profiles for sponsors and participating attendees. It will give visitors a chance to view, shortlist, and start an in-app conversation with people they find interesting and want to meet.

6. Tailor app experience to your attendees

For participants, it can get a little difficult to track a lot of sessions and workshops, especially if they are going on in parallel. Enterprises prefer virtual conference apps that can help them connect from different locations at the sam etime. They can add sessions that they want to attend to their schedules. All the features can be tailored according to your brand and as per your attendee requirements. E.g. you can offer VIP networking sections for important guests and sponsors, you can decide the sections that a particular group can access by greying out of hiding sessions.

7. Seamlessly integrate your Event Tech

If you are looking for flexibility to customize your app, white-label conference apps should be your go-to plan. Grupio can help you integrate rapid APIs and reliable data integration with dozens of technology vendors. E.g. if your event is about promoting an in-house technology, you can integrate/ incorporate it in your enterprise event apps in the form of gamification, polls, questions about the tech after sessions, etc. like a VR box can be integrated with apps for a scavenger hunt in the virtual world. You will promote your tech, your app, and engage attendees at the same time.


Conferences, office meets, and seminars are all formal events. You need to follow a certain decorum during these events, which in turn can make them a tad bit boring. But mobile conference app can help you here. Just make sure that you follow all the tips given above while keeping your brand essence in mind. If you still face any issue, you can always get in touch with us.

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