How Are CME Apps Beneficial For Your Business Growth?

Mobile devices have helped healthcare professionals improve efficiency and enhance patient care with the help of medical apps. These event applications can help people in the administration, communication, consultancy, health record maintenance, and medical studies. However, due to lack of clinical validation and data inaccuracy concerns, there’s been a lot of reluctance when it comes to patient-facing CME Apps. Smartphones have become such an important part of the day to day interaction with businesses.

If healthcare providers are serious about engaging patients then they need to invest in resources that can provide clinical services with mobility the patients expect.

Continuing medical education(CMS) is quite dependent on mobile technology. Physicians and healthcare professionals already use smartphones and tablets in their profession. The effectiveness of medical training can be increased by enhancing the CME experience. Incorporating mobile apps in CME events can prove to be quite beneficial.

Below are the following reasons why you should invest in an event app development:

1. Boost Engagement

Mobile learning is a great way to stimulate and increase attendee engagement during events. A good mobile strategy during your next CME event will not only improve your brand image to a trendy up to date business but also help you gather quality leads.

According to secondary data search, 80% of learners reported increased engagement via mobiles during events. Mobile app development can help you with personalized content development like training modules, private sessions per divisions, or therapies during your CME event. All these things will improve the learning outcomes for healthcare professionals.

2. Collect Feedback

One great thing about conference apps is that you can get in touch with your CME event attendees and get feedback during and even after your event is over. There are a lot of apps available in the market that can help you gather data. However, your customized app can get the most valid and valuable data about your course effectiveness directly from healthcare professionals.

All the data collected from these feedbacks and automated data collection can help you improve event targeting for the future and measure event ROI. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to marketing pharmaceutical and medical businesses, so you have to make sure that everything is within the legal regulations.

3. Attract More Professionals

Accessing continuing education has been revolutionized for healthcare professionals by new technology. They enroll in online courses to gain accreditation from the comfort of their homes instead of joining conventional educational institutions for training. This gives them the freedom to learn at their own time from anywhere just by opening their mobile phones.

People have a habit of using mobile phones while traveling and even before going to bed. If you integrate events app and mobile use in your CME event, it will not only attract more professionals but also broaden your target audience. You can engage students who want to work abroad or study at home while working.

4. Manage Registration

Registration for events has always been a messy affair. But with your own events app, you can manage your CME registration process without any obstacles. You can collect information like name, contact number, email ID, etc. while registration. Once a user signs up successfully, you will have all this info stored in your database and you will be able to contact them at a later date.

If you due to unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel or refund your attendees, the traditional method of cancellation can get a bit difficult. However, mobile event apps make it easy to handle payment details and keep a check on attendees. You can prevent unauthorized access in case of private events by providing unique QR codes to your attendees.

5. Increase Event Promotion

Promoting a CME event using mobile tech can help you target medical professionals on social media platforms and other digital networks. Investing in email marketing is also a good option as you can share regular updates with proper information and illustrations. Make sure you incorporate social media integration in your event application as it will serve the purpose of organic marketing when attendees will share your event information on their personal profiles.

6. Announcements

Before, during, and after the CMS event, you can make real-time text announcements to the HCPs via push notifications, in-app pop-ups, or personalized messages within their apps. notifications that pop up on the screen. Your attendees do not need to drive to the venue in case your event gets canceled. You can inform them of any such developments just by a text/pop-up.

You can use this for the session time change and other notifications too. Apart from that if you think people might be interested in an event/booth on the venue you can direct traffic there telling people about it on their devices instead of shouting it on a microphone and disturbing others who might not be interested.

7. Event Reminders

When people register on your app it gives you a secure platform to communicate with the participants. In-app messaging can help create groups of authorized personals and HCPs within the app to circulate information. Grupio is the best event organizer app that can help you set schedules that attendees can view and modify according to their preferences.

To ensure that you have a large audience at all times. The reminders and pop-ups can be scheduled beforehand that will pop up on attendees’ devices before the event.

8. Claiming CME Certificates

Accredited events and online courses are the most sought after online learning sessions. You can add a feature within your events app that allows Students and HCPs to complete the program evaluation and apply for credit. White label event app development can also help you add features to either bank credits and print certificates right from the mobile devices.

9. Sponsors

Sponsors are an integral part of any event for financial support and event success. Apart from free advertisement, you can monetize your apps by hosting sponsor banners within your app. These Banners can rotate and show sponsor listings sections per category. With customized mobile app development, these things can be tailored according to your brand’s guidelines, event theme, and sponsor needs.


Mobile apps are an important component for CME events. It boost engagement, collect feedback, attract attendees, and manage operations. Try grupio today to make it all easy. You can access everything from just one place and revolutionize the way you manage CME events.

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