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Now with all new exciting features like Gamification, Discussion Board, Networking tools, Intuitive design and Event Analytics.

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Grupio makes it convenient for your attendees to access concise and relevant event information when they need it during the event. It also is a part of your event that they take home with them through the white label event app on their device.

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Getting started is easy. Upload your content from a spreadsheet, via the Content Management System (Grupio CMS), or import it from a third party such as Cvent or RegOnline, and publish. It's that simple! Grupio takes care of provisioning the mobile apps for you.

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Kick in the custom colors and make your event unique. Use a custom mobile event app icon, splash entry image, top navigation bar, menu background, and app background for your phone and tablet apps.

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Sponsors are usually the people who make "it" happen. List your sponsors and display their sponsor name, type, logo, website link, and description quickly and easily. Categorize the sponsors as Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. or even choose your own category names.

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Speakers are integral components of almost all conferences and events. They are the stars of the show. Display speaker headshots, their names, bios, contact information, and more while having the freedom to change this information at any time form the Grupio Content Management System (CMS).

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Add value to your exhibitors by listing them within the white label event app. Show their name, location (booth number for example), logo, description, category, and website link. Connect exhibitor locations to maps so that attendees can find exhibitors by tapping on a location on a map.

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Keep your attendees on the right track! Host as many maps as you need inside of the event apps. They can be maps of an online service such as a Google Maps or Bing Maps. They can also be static images of maps that you can upload such as jpg images or maps in pdf files.

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Lead Generation

Choose to find attendees by interest, name, or name of the company that they work for. Save attendee vcards on your device from the white label event app or send your vcard to another attendee. Read vcards from QR codes.

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