Event Success is Much More than Just Attendance!

Many event professionals and marketers just measure and think about whether or not an Event was successful in terms of specific metrics with a great deal of focus on attendance. There are a tremendous number of variables that go into making an Event successful. There are multiple ways in which you use your mobile conference app to analyse event asuucess. Here is a short list of some of the most strategic issues you should review and carefully analyze to drive downstream success.

Event success measurement strategy :

  • Did you have the right Speakers and how was their presentation in terms of receptivity and enthusiasm from your attendees?
  • Did you have the right agenda and where or how could it have been improved?
  • Were the topics/subject matter covered in your events the right ones?
  • Which partner did a good job co-promoting the Event and would you want to work with them again?
  • Did you front end lead generation for attendance convert and was the budget right for a specific event?
  • Will you use event app analyze the back end feedback from your attendees and do you have the right metrics identified for improving the Event?
  • Which of your marketing channels and methods deliver the best marketing ROI for your Event?
  • Was the venue right for your Event and did you get the right kind of support and assistance from the staff?
  • Was the time of the Event right and the duration? Did you have sufficient space between speakers to give your attendees time to catch their breath?
  • During the Event what kind of attention and engagement did your Event generate via Social Media Channels? and what can you do to improve this metric moving forward?
  •  During the Event did you utilize Twitter to engage with and drive attendee engagement?
  • Was your staffing right for the size of the Event and were they able to coordiate using your mobile event app?
  • What kind of feedback did you get from the Speakers and Sponsors in terms of what worked and more importantly, what didn’t work?
  • If it was a virtual Event, how did the Event Platform work for you? Did the technology work for the attendees? and did you have the ability to poll them during the Event to make it more interactive?
  • What was the feedback from your staff using some kind of a formal debriefing after the Event?

If you look at these different metrics and analyze them carefully with some kind of an operational plan. Measurement will help you understand where the holes were and how you can improve the next Event. Make methodical adjustments to the Event itself, front and back end marketing,  speaker and sponsor participation. Use event planning app and integrate you marketing plan to generate publicity and attendee registration.