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COVID-19 is a pandemic that has forced us to stay inside. One good thing that came out of this situation is digitalization and remote working culture. It is not just limited to offices, virtual event platforms like podcasts, webinars, conferences, etc are on the rise.

People are researching more and more for white label event apps for their businesses. When it comes to choosing the right app, there are a lot of things and features that you need to consider. Instead of just picking the most expensive events app platform without any research. Go through the 10 best features of a virtual event platform that will evaluate the success of your online event.

1. Customization for branding and authentication

Customization is a really big part of the event app development process. Planners should always look for features like branded websites, customized registration, branded web rooms, in-app networking, profiling, etc.
It might be a bit confusing for the users if they see your event development platform’s logo on the app instead of your company’s. It gives off a fake event feel and the users might just drop off instead of registering for your event.

Before finalizing the app make sure that your branding and logo are incorporated throughout the virtual event platform.

2. Automation Features

Automation makes everything easier. It is a must-have feature for any events app. Apart from saving time and money, it makes the lives of event planners a lot simpler. Especially when it comes to virtual events, you need to make sure that your event management app has automation features. Ask the development team about their backend functions and how their automated systems and processes work. You should ask them how long is their uploading period for speaker’s info, forms, media, etc. Also, ask them about the timeline of creating an event’s page and whether it can be automated or not.

3. Event Management Software Integration or Partnership

Integration and partnerships are crucial even during virtual events as you will still need to efficiently plan and market your event. Event management software and virtual events platforms when combined can save you a lot of money and time. You will have all the data in one place and will be able to track everything from the website to SMS from one single platform.

Virtual events platforms generally have integration or partnership with one event management software platform. They offer online registration services, professional websites, email marketing, and even social media marketing from their platform. Grupio is one such platform that can help you incorporate all this and much more within your mobile conference app.

4. Variety of Space Types

Spaces are not just a part of an in-person event. In virtual events, space helps to create a good user experience. Some popular virtual event spaces are Lobby, Exhibit Hall, Auditorium/Theater, Meeting lounge, networking space, etc.

All these spaces help in engaging the users and enhancing their experience. So make sure that you ask about the different types of spaces they can offer and whether or not personalization of spaces is available or not.

5. Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting ability is a must-have in any conference or tradeshow app. As keynote speakers and hosts sessions during a virtual event are a highlight that users do not want to miss. Live broadcasting creates a sense of urgency and helps to engage attendees at the same time with activities like live polling, Q&A, etc. and broadcast it at the same time. Automated subtitle features work as an add on feature for Live broadcasts.

6. Pre-Recorded Content

Live events maximize attendee engagement but keeping the option of uploading pre-recorded sessions is important. E.g. when a speaker can not attend the event due to some unforeseen circumstances like internet issues etc. you can record exclusive content ahead of time for your attendees. Your conference app should have a feature that allows you to upload and schedule pre-recorded content.

7. Communication & Engagement Features

In-app engagement between attendees and sponsors is as important as communication during in-person events. Apart from that, your team should be available during virtual sessions to troubleshoot any issues your users might find. Your event organizer app should have in-app chatting, messaging, group chat features along with Q&A, live polling and feedback surveys.

8. Social Media Integration

Social media can change the direction of your event success in minutes. It plays such a big part in engaging, marketing and analyzing everything throughout your virtual event. You should integrate social media sharing options within your event application so that users can share quotes, screenshots, videos, etc. directly from your virtual event platform to their social profiles. It will help create buzz before, during and even after your event is over.

9. Monetization Features

You do not need to just spend money on your events app. Monetization for sponsor ads and sales and virtual events can increase this by tenfold. Display advertisements like a carousel on the homepage of your events app with add links to sponsor websites are one such option. You can decide the prices or ask sponsors to bid depending on the space location/size. You can create hotspots for sponsors and speaker profiles within your app. Grupio is the best event app platform for all these features and much more.

10. Analytics and Reporting

Data is the key to determining success for every event. Therefore, analytics and reporting are important features to add to your events app. You should have insights into all the aspects of your event, capture the multi-dimensional view of your attendee’s interests and demographic features along with real-time metrics dashboard to track ROI. This will help you plan better for your future events.


We hope that the above-mentioned features helped you to understand what key points you need to focus on and evaluate while developing your events app. Make sure you ask the right questions and reach out to the trusted event app development platform before you try to host your event.

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