Why is the Tradeshow App must for Exhibitors?

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People do not step out of houses without their phones. You’ll see everyone checking their phones every few minutes. It has become a part of our day to day life that we can not think about living without it. From our emails, calls, SMS to social media browsing; there are tons of things we can do on our phones. Especially when it comes to event management companies, they can unravel a whole new world via event and tradeshow app. They can capitalize on this by developing android and iOS apps for their users.

These apps can help bridge the gap between attendees and sponsors, access valuable information, and help attendees navigate the event halls, etc. To help you understand better, we have listed 6 reasons why a Tradeshow app is a must for exhibitors.

1. Pre and Post-Event attention

To make sure that your event is a success, you have to market it before, during, and after your event. Building Tradeshow Apps can help you kick start your marketing before the event! You can use your event management app as a means to share information about your exhibit. To make it more exciting you can share some sneak peeks or behind the scenes. Apart from the basic information like exhibit venue, date, and timings, you can also share your staff information e.g. the team members people can get in touch with if they have any doubts or basic information/profiles about people who will be presenting, etc.

2. Exposure and Marketing

Signage and printed marketing materials are some of the alternatives that exhibitors have amongst other marketing options. Digital marketing is important, but emails, online ads lose their charm once the trade show starts. Printed materials like standees, brochures, etc get overlooked during the events. But when it comes to mobile apps that are connected to your show, attendees are likely to check it again and again during the event to keep up to date with everything. E.g. finding exhibits, appointments, meeting reminders, etc.

You can use the app to your advantage by making sure that you send timely reminders to your attendees. You can add features that can help them organize things during your show. Also, let you schedule a meeting with fellow attendees. All these are good exposure and marketing techniques that should be added during the initial phase of event app development.

3. Lead Generation and Networking with in-app features

Tradeshows are the best place to network with like-minded people. Most tradeshow events have an entry fee and sometimes include long-distance travel too. If attendees are making so much effort to attend the event that means they are expecting to get a good return on their investment, i.e. time and money. Industry professionals attend these events for the sole purpose of networking.

The same goes for attendees, they are interested in developing new contacts while honing their skills. In-app networking features in your Tradeshow Apps can help ease this process. If attendees and exhibitors can just log in to their profiles, send message requests, and just start talking, your app will become a network hub in no time. You can use your white label event app to send timely reminders to help people follow with their potential clients/ interested prospects.

4. Social Media Integration can help Boost Marketing and Engagement

Social media has become such a huge part of our day to day life that integrating popular social media platforms is now a necessity. For a synergistic effect, mobile event apps should be integrated with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Before you add these features in your app, make your company’s / event’s social media profiles are up and running. Adding this feature in your tradeshow app can also help to boost your company’s social media profile.

The most popular way to make the most out of this feature is by using a dedicated hashtag during your event. Hashtags are a great way to engage your audience and help them communicate with each other. People can interact in real-time and get up to the minute updates. If your users share all these things on their social media profiles, it will create organic buzz for your event. Hashtags are also a great way to track brands and exhibit interest by checking the number of people using your hashtag.

5. Monetization

You do not need to just invest in adding features for a well-designed conference app, you can get good returns on your investments too. Monetizing doesn’t have to be all to the point and in your face experience. If you thoughtfully place sponsor content, it can help enhance the user experience rather than disrupting it. For example, you can add one or two paid push notifications. Make sure you do not send more than 3 notifications in a day and try to space them out evenly. Make sure you send them only to the interested parties with content that people can genuinely relate to or want to read.

6. Plan for your future event by analyzing the past ones

People have a habit of uninstalling an app after the event is over but a good chunk of people forget about it and keep it in their phones even after the event is over. You can use this to your advantage by providing valuable information like new product launches, coupons/discounts on next events, press releases, upcoming shows, and appearances, etc.
Grupio is the best white label event app development platform and event planning app that can help you analyze, streamline, and execute everything from scratch based on your past events.


Please remember that moderation is key. Do not overdo anything. If you send too many or too little communication, people might end up uninstalling your event application. Make sure you streamline your communication before you start reaching out to people.

We recommend you to invest in developing a tradeshow app so that you can analyze the data and plan even better for your future events. It will help you get everything at the tap of your fingers and make things better for the next event!