Why Choose an Event Organizer App with Real-time Polling Feature?

Why Choose

Are you a successful event organizer? That’s great!

But wait, do you still ask the audience to raise their hands for the headcount, or do you still pass a microphone around to let them share their thoughts?

And what about feedback? Are you still using conventional surveys to get the results you want?

Well, there is a feature for your help so you can drop using all such conventional methods right away. We are talking about the real-time polling feature in the virtual event apps.

It can help you capture your attendees’ thoughts and feedback in an interactive, engaging, and effective way. You can even collect votes effortlessly and accurately without putting much effort into counting and gathering feedback.

Want to know more?

Here are the benefits of creating polls while organizing events using the best event planning apps.

It Drives Feedback Sessions

Streamlining a live poll can help pitch your idea or uniquely collaborate with the panel during any event, especially a product demo. It can assist in getting instant feedback from business leaders or target audiences throughout the session.

The live polling feature in your event or conference app will help you collect valuable ideas and improve the overall session experience for your attendees.

Help You Find What Post-event Activities You Should Do

Yes, you can gain insight into what types of post-event activities attendees are interested in using live polls. So, if you can’t decide whether to host a black-tie event, a pub crawl, or casual networking at a restaurant, perform live polls and ask attendees directly.

Understanding what they want to do will help you get good attendance in post-event activities!

Make Your Look like a Courteous Leader

If you use polls to communicate or ask for opinions, you bestow yourself as the kind of event leader who believes in putting their event audience first.

Checking in with the people in the event is not only a smart but also a courteous move. They will appreciate the chance to share their input through a live poll, as it’s something that not all event leaders do. In all, you interact with your audience in a new and compelling way by utilizing live polls.

Capture Attendees’ Attention with Appealing Questions

At large events or with content-heavy presentations, there are chances you may not be able to capture attendees’ attention.

Live polling feature in the event organizer app offers organizers or even moderators and speakers the opportunities to ask thought-provoking questions that can catch the audience’s attention and orient them to a particular topic. For instance, throughout transitions, speakers can ask the audience to share their opinions via a live poll, creating a collaborative learning experience that is engaging, interactive, and attention-grabbing.

Generate Attendees Engagement

Keeping the audience occupied during the session can be critical. Here also, live polls can help. They assist in keeping people connected by promoting significant interactions between attendees and speakers throughout the presentation. For instance, speakers can ask essential questions to capture the attendees’ attention and involve them in the session. It not only engages an attendee but also builds a collaborative learning environment.

Take Away

All such benefits state how an event app with polling features is helpful for the event’s success right from the beginning.

Grupio, a leading event planning app, can be an ideal choice for organizers and attendees. It can offer all the above benefits with its event survey and real-time polling feature.

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