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One of the greatest challenges that event professionals face is finding and securing sponsors. Sponsors were earlier satisfied with logo placement as brand engagement but now they expect to drive awareness via meaningful, effortless and long-lasting advertisements. They look for a deeper connection with the participants. Connect more with your attendees using event branding packages and an event management app.

Event planning companies can not follow the same approach for all their sponsors, otherwise, it’ll be just an ad event. Therefore, in order to win over your sponsors, you need to understand your attendee needs and at the same time match it with your sponsor’s objectives.

To stand out from your competitors and get more sponsors on board we have compiled a example of event branding packages.

1: Interactive art installations

In conferences, art events or music festivals, etc. art installations always grab attention. They are a sure shot way to engage people. People enjoy it, even more, when they are a part of the art instead of just walking by or on it.

You can install interactive art that connects with people on an emotional level e.g. 90’s throwback trends. People will reminisce about their memories related to that particular trend. Another example is getting a giant cake made of walkmans in a music festival. For future events with the same theme, you can use the clips from the event to showcase how much people enjoyed it. It creates an engaging and customized experience for the attendees and at the same time branding ensures brand visibility for sponsors. Tradeshow apps are of great help.

2: Sponsored live streams on social media accounts or events app

To maximize your reach and impact, live videos can help a lot. 30% of people decide to attend the event in the future if they like what they see in live streams on social media. You can benefit from this by monetizing live sessions as a sponsorship package. It will provide brands with the opportunity to interact with niche market audiences directly.

Grupio is the best platform to get customized event management apps. Features like In-app event branding, pop-up, dedicated profile pages, etc can be easily modified using the CMS portal.

E.g. You can include their branding on top or bottom of your feed, include merchandising like wearing t-shirts with logos, etc. Apart from that, a 15-20 second pre-roll video can also be included. It will help you amplify your sponsor’s presence in the space subtly.

3: Virtual reality installations

Even if you are new to the event planning business, you can not really deny the benefits that virtual reality can bring on board. It can help create innovative, engaging and multi-sensory activities during the event that your attendees will enjoy for sure. A VR headset gives a three-dimensional experience and transports the attendees to a whole new world.

For example, VR art sessions. You can bring artists that can create virtual reality arts from scratch and interested attendees can attend these sessions to see the magic unveiled. It makes the whole experience memorable and can help provide information via VR interaction.

You can get VR Sponsors for these events or you can ask the artist to include the sponsor’s logo in their VR paintings. In the case of virtual events, you can add a feature to your vitual conference app that will allow users to participate/attend virtually. This can be an experience that your attendees will never forget.

4: Wi-Fi and phone charging stations

Wi-Fi is a necessity for people to function these days. Doesn’t matter if it’s a professional networking conference event or a foodie festival, everyone expects Wi-fi installations at events. And well if your event is a full-day affair then people might face the issue of a drained battery.

You can use this to your benefit by marketing it like you are encouraging people to use FREE Wi-Fi. You can also include power banks or charging hotspots at different locations on the venue with sponsor branding. Instead of asking users to stand at one place for a while to charge you can give power banks with branding in exchange for their ID card which they can return once finished or you can use disposable power banks. It will keep the attendees fully charged throughout the event and they will be able to share live updates on their social profiles. You can get the feature to share these updates directly from your event application.

5: Food & drink and give away kit brand activation

Food branding is not a new concept. Logos, brand names and another sponsor branding on napkins, disposable plates, food cartons, etc is not new. But what you can do is set up a mobile kitchen or live counters in place at your event. You can even have tastings or competitions for it. E.g. make your own burrito, give it a name that clicks like “ Just like mum” etc. You can even give away kits for your attendees with food. Instead of event branding everything else, you can get customized kits or envelopes with logos. This will help you get so many insights about the type of events your attendees are interested in. Monetize this package for your sponsors depending on their requirements and your budget. You’ll get a lot of parties that will be interested in it.

6: Game stations, Social media walls with Live updates.

Event gamification is one thing that people will always appreciate, try to incorporate it in the initial event planning phase. Apart from this being a great networking opportunity for people, it is a stress buster that can help relax people at your events. You do not have to invest a lot by getting Playstations at your events. Simple physical games like table tennis, old school board games or casino card games can also work as a valuable brand activation for sponsors. You can even put prize money for winners to get more interaction.

That being said, nothing can beat the attention that social media can get. You can get a dedicated social media wall with different screens in place at your venue. This will be a real-time thing with posts and pics, using your event hashtag, on your social media channel.

Sponsors can control the flow of posts and other event branding techniques if you offer a social media display as a sponsorship package.

Pricing your Packages

After crafting all packages you need to set the right price. You need to make sure that both you and your sponsors are getting the maximum return on the investment. Try to be subtle with the event branding instead of going all-in with ads using the best conference app interface. They should not be put directly in the attendees’ faces. Keep it classy and minimal yet interesting enough to grab attention.

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