Get a Good Start In 2023 With These 4 Incredible Features For Your Conference Apps

Since the internet’s early days, people have been discovering ways to make more engaging, interactive and efficient conferences and meetings. Now, conference apps play a very important role in this. A Personal conference app is something that enables the participants to get in the network from one to another, share files and documents and connect with meeting and conference organizers. It also gives you the forum to discuss various topics raised at the conference. Additionally, it can also help you in making the conference more engaging and interactive for the participants of the meeting. So basically, in this blog, we are going to talk about the most significant feature you must approach while choosing any conference app. 

Let us get ready to dive into the most significant feature of the conferences app 2023:

  • Agenda: An event schedule view and a list view are frequently found in conferencing applications with agendas. There is a schedule view that shows the current timing and shows which session is going to happen next. Through the list view, you can easily see the session and how much time each one has left. Also, the participants can schedule the sessions or meetings for their personal work, which will highlight on the schedule app of app. They can also find out which session or meeting they are attending and which one is not. This will lead them to plan their day in a better way. 

  • Business card scanner: This feature is also very important as it enables quick and easy adding of participants’ contact info into their devices. Meeting arrangers can add new contact info into their address notebook with only a few taps by just scanning a business card. Additionally, they can include the participant’s name, designation email and company address in the conference app. And these details and information will be visible to the other participants as well and will aid in starting networking communication. 

  • Integrating maps: Integrating maps is one of the vital features of any conference in-person app as it enables the users to view the site of the event or a meeting and surrounding regions. This feature is very useful for attendees who are unfamiliar with the regions as they can find nearby restaurants, hotels, and other items of interest using the map. Also, this integration map can aid the conference arrangers in planning the complete layout of any event by locating the possible meeting site and breakaway regions. 

  • Participant list: With the help of the participant listing feature in the conference apps, the meeting arrangers can see the participants or exhibit at the In personconferences which will be very useful for the workers in specifying their time who is working remotely. They can check to see if there will be any local or business events that would be of interest to you.

Wrapping up! 

Lastly, an event or a mobile conference app must have a future that enables accessible collaborations and communication among attendees. It should be designed in such a way that enables easy access to meeting materials and offers a networking platform. With so many mobile personal conference apps available, it’s crucial to pick one that caters to the particular requirements of your event. We at Grupio provide you with the best personal conference apps, which are customizable according to your requirements. 

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