Leveraging Your Event Speakers as Part of Your Marketing Mix

If you have multiple speakers at an event you need to think about how you can motivate them to promote your event and involve them in the marketing of your event. After all, it’s in their self-interest to help to promote the event and make it a success.

You may want to incorporate some specifics in the speaker contract that detail how you expect them to assist you with event marketing and event app promotion.

The specifics to leverage your promotion can include:

  • Their Tweeting about the event on a regular basis with dedicated links you provide.
  • Creating some finite number of short (30-60 second) YouTube videos that you can also promote via your social media accounts.
  • Join and contribute to discussions on your LinkedIn account on some defined reoccurring basis.
  • Promote the Event via their Blog and web site.
  • Add the Event he/she is attending to their Facebook page and inviting users to attend

You do have to be sensitive to your Speakers in terms of contractual obligations. If you are paying the speaker, he or she must disclose this contractual arrangement when/if they promote your event or conference app.

Of course another take on this relationship can built on your asking the speakers to promote the event when/if he chooses to do so. Their ongoing marketing is strictly voluntary and you will of course not make any formal requirements as part of their contract.

Motivating Speakers to Promote Your Event

One great way to motivate your speakers to promote your event is by promoting their (rather obvious) speaking at your event. But, you can take this a step further (and drive a lot of good will) by also promoting their books, ebooks, or webinars via your social media accounts, web sites and via traditional marketing processes. The event planning app will also give then exposure to your effort and maintain a mutula relationship.

Your front end marketing activities should drive reciprocal marketing from the speakers. If it doesn’t (and assuming you are not paying them) then you can of course subtly let them know some reciprocal marketing would be great!