Trends To Follow By Events Apps in 2018

It is hard for anyone to imagine life without technology, more so in the tech-savvy 21st century. With technology expanding its circle of scope with every passing day, understanding and preempting trends in technology is extremely beneficial.

Event organizers heavily dependent upon Event Apps for their audience engagement and as a source of sponsorship. With the changing trends, event app are also changing. This article discusses the trends and their importance to follow in Events applications.

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  • APIs
    Application Program Interface or API enables one system to share data with another and integrate it to ensure consolidation of records. Instead of debating over whether to an all integrated system which is low on features or segregated systems which operate individually, APIs serve as a best-in-class solution where you’re getting the best of both worlds. These are in use, in most industries to enable sharing of data with systems that are continents apart. For event organizers, API’s would make their event managing tasks easier and efficient.
  • Omnipresence
    As an event organizer, your event’s access is not just limited to one source but is open to many sources over the internet to enable multiple attendee interactions. However, you will not be able to respond to each attendee over a certain platform or channel. It is important that every attendee is treated the same way using a mobile event app. With Omni-platform experiences, you can ensure that both organizers, as well as attendees, have a rich experience on their phone, desktop, or tablet.
  • Smartwatches
    Smartwatches, the recent advancement of technology, are new to the technological market. Nevertheless, they have managed to dominate with roaring sales records. The ease of operating and accessing all your needs on a wristwatch was revolutionary and sparked the interests of innovators all around. At an event, your attendees can enter, register, as well as contribute, just by flicking their wrists.
  • Real-Time Intelligence
    Real-time intelligence is serving as a very popular technology for most sectors that cannot afford manual control. Event organizers, similarly, cannot always keep a check of their attendees’ engagement, and may require constantly shifting and adapting to conditions. Even when the organizer is not keeping track of their records without a conference app, real-time intelligence would provide a detailed report on their current as well as their past work.
  • RFID Tags
    RFID, an abbreviation for Radio-frequency Identification, is a technology that involves the use of bar codes over manual modes of data entry. Fundamentally similar to barcode technology, RFID technology has certain features that make it far more functional and user-friendly. A RFID tag can be hundreds at a time, which makes it user-friendly when compared to regular bar code technology. For event organizers, integration of attendees’ will be hassle-free, just through their RFID. This increases the stability of the system and it allows attendees to enjoy the true experience of the event.

To Conclude:
With technology, a field which is ever in motion, it is expected that the future would hold many more advancements. An event planning app that serve to make operations easier and more efficient while not compromising on the fundamental features offered. Most event organizers appreciate fundamental, rudimentary features offered by event apps as they help them offer their services in a reliable way.