How Event Planning Apps Help Boost Attendee Engagement?

How Event Planning

Research shows events are only successful if it has provided a great attendee experience.

That means, apart from meeting business goals, event planners should ensure attendees have the best experience possible in order to make their event successful.

Blending technology into an event is one great way of obtaining high levels of engagement. Adding the best event app to your event strategy promotes enhanced interaction and engagement among attendees and also offers your organization additional chances to involve your attendees. These benefits are for both small meetings and large conferences.

If you are not using apps for events or not leveraging technology yet, you might be missing out on great opportunities to reach wider attendees on their favorite platform – smartphones.

Let’s learn how to utilize a mobile event app to boost attendee engagement.

Messaging Feature Helps Build a Community

A great event app has a messaging feature that allows attendees to message each other directly, before, during, or after your event on a single platform. They can raise questions and share their thoughts using the same. In all, this built-in messaging feature helps build connections and creates community, and enhances user experience.

Social Sharing Develops Interest

Social media holds power to draw up enthusiasm for your event – both the current and future ones. So, using an event management app integrated with social media helps in the engagement too. Attendees can keep an eye on what all are saying about the event and can also post their own experiences. Thus, the app with social integration can provide valuable insights for your business. Most importantly, being able to share stuff with social media, all the attendees will be delighted to be associated with your event.

Push Notifications Keep People Updated

Push notifications help you keep the attendees updated. However, make sure notifications are effective only if you use them sparingly. Like you surely let the audience know about any changes to the event they’re registered to attend, for example, a shift in timings or location but avoid spamming your attendees with notification. You can even use it to share the latest happenings related to your event with your people. So if you keep attendees updated, they will be motivated to return to your app for more.

Polls and Surveys & Collect Instant Feedback

All you are doing is for the success of your event, right? So, for evaluating and measuring the success of an event, attendee feedback is significant. It can be complicated to collect attendee feedback once the event ends with conventional methods of gathering feedback. Well, there is no assurance that the audience will open up an email or respond to your survey once they’re back to their lives.

But wait, you can use your same event planning app to collect the feedback, too, throughout the event. Event survey and real-time polling feature in the app let organizers accumulate input during the event. Sure it will be valuable to you and your organization, but it will also make your attendees happy that they are able to convey their thoughts. By taking real-time feedback, you are influencing your audience, and due to this, they might always stay connected with your brand.

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