Six Key Metrics for Event Planners who want to Mobilize an Event

Mobilising events is a great way to make you event a success. Event management becomes a lot eesier if you have an mobile event app to mobilise you event. It helps you keep connected to the attendees as well the oragniser from your mobile. Below are six key metrix that will help you mobilize your event:

1. Understand the audience

Have an in-depth understanding of your targeted audience and a strong grasp of what type of capabilities your venue has in place. As an example, if you are going to leverage mobile for your attendees you want to ensure they can easily access and utilize your Mobile App, Wi-Fi usage and the facilities provided by your venue. If some portion of your attendees are from outside the US, they may have a difficult time accessing Wi-Fi, which in turn limits their usage of any and all mobile applications.

2. Update information on the go

One of the great benefits of a conference app is updating it in real time. But, you need to make sure you are comfortable using and updating your Mobile App and that the interface conveys information that can be easily grasped by the attendees. When you are choosing a Mobile App vendor have a check off list of functionality you think will provide the type of functionality and usage your attendees will need.

3. Socialise with your app

Have a good grasp of the type of social media your attendees prefer and make sure these are integrated with your mobile app; or not, if you don’t feel your audience will use social media during your event. If your event is just a few hours or one day, integrating social media with your mobile event will probably not be needed.

4. Promote your app

If you are using a Mobile App it will be critical to promote it prior to the event. Communicate with your attendees and ensure they know how to download the event App and how to use it prior to and during the event. Don’t assume your attendees will want to or have an interest in spending a lot of time using a Mobile App – make it easy to access the app and use it. Complex instructions are not a good idea!

5. Be  practicle with you app

Have realistic expectations for your first Mobile App enabled event. Start off with a mobile app that has basic functionality; i.e. an event guide for your attendees that is easy to understand, that supports all major platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry), showcases your sponsors within the App, links to a registration page, lists all speakers and may even incorporate banner ads (to drive incremental revenue for you).

6. You can monitise your event app

Don’t think about a event planning app as a fixed cost, think of it as a revenue generator and cost reduction vehicle. By incorporating a Mobile App you will significantly reduce your overall marketing costs by going digital with all and you will have the ability to sell sponsorship promotions within most Mobile Apps and/or other types of advertising. Think about renting a iPad as an example to event attendees that will have your Mobile App pre-installed as well as sponsorship promotions.