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Events; Events always bring either fun or knowledge with them.

But, do you know behind every event there is tremendous hard work by the event planners and organizers? To make an event successful, you need to find a perfect venue, create a plan, and get sponsors. Therefore, to sort this mammoth task, several Event Management Apps are floating in the market.

But according to studies by Capterra, 40% of event planners/organizers are not satisfied with their Mobile Event App features. Every event is of a different kind and requires a custom event app to streamline the event activities appropriately.

Here is the list of the best event management app features that you need to have in your app:

Event Registration Feature

This must-have feature helps the audience to register for the event. Apps for events and conferences must use this feature to keep track of all registered people so that they could be served up to the expectations. Furthermore, not only does online registrations save time, but also make the event hassle-free & well-organized. An event planner app gives ease to your attendees to book a seat in your event at their home/office.

Management Feature

This feature lets you manage and check all financial records with a single click. Thus, you could keep track of your expenses, funds & calculate savings. Moreover, you can simply re-estimate your costs at each event planning stage. Budget management done with proper databases makes your event go smoothly and successfully.

Event Marketing/Promotion Feature

Event Marketing is an essential part of the event. Proper marketing makes people aware of your upcoming conferences and events. The Best Event Apps

provide the feature of event promotion. They provide you with some marketing tools to reach out to the audience and increase your event attendees. Some of the best ways to promote through event apps are:

Email Marketing,
Promo Codes &

Such tools also increase event attendee engagement with your event app.

Notifications & Announcement Feature

This feature keeps your attendees up-to-date with the event information. You can connect with your attendees anytime with this feature. Emails or push notifications are the best way to send alerts and reminders to your audience about the latest happenings related to your event.

Attendee Messaging Feature

The Event Planning App must have an attendee community where attendees can communicate with each other using the built-in messaging feature. This feature can also help them share their problems and raise their questions. Create an attendee community with the help of an event app so that you can easily circulate your notifications to the attendees.

Event Survey Feature

Events are incomplete without proper feedback. This feature in the event planner app lets you create a survey and circulate using an event management app. You can set up as many questions as required, and choose if they are the single answer, multiple answers, or text answer questions. Also, you can send the survey anytime that is before, during, or after your event. This option, every time, helps you obtain valuable information related to your events.

Real-Time Polling Feature

Real-time polling is one of the best tools to engage an audience. You can easily know your attendee’s opinion about your event-related decision in real-time with this feature. Also, you can create polls and send them to attendees through the best conference app.As many polls can be created as required. Furthermore, you can also send push notifications to attendees to inform them about a poll being made available for them to respond to.

Event Analytics Feature

Event Analytics lets you compare your achieved statistics against an industry benchmark. With this feature, you can study the click & tap usage report of attendees. Also, you can analyze data related to total and unique clicks in different sections of the Event Application.Analytics provide you with in-depth reporting to help you make more accurate decisions.

Sponsorship Feature

Sponsors make your event happen. Sponsorship either makes your event a great success or a complete failure. Whether it is a conference app, university app, or tradeshow apps,it must display a list of sponsors as no company agrees to sponsor an event without something in return. It is a must-have event management app feature as it offers sponsors access to the attendee’s information.

Social Integration Feature

Event Organizer App must integrate with social media platforms. These platforms are beneficial for the promotion of events. Today people are more active on social media than any other platform. Thus, the app with social integration lets you track Facebook Ads pixel, Link to a Facebook wall, Twitter page, YouTube channel, or Linked-In profile. With this feature, you can share your good moments on your favorite social media channel.

Payment Feature

An event management app provides the facility of making fast and secure online payments. This feature eliminates delays in payment processing as you can get payment directly into the account across the world.

Technical Support Feature

Technical Support is one of the main Event Management App features that every event app needs to inculcate. As many times technical issues arise that can be troubleshot via a technical team only. Having support is essential as support experts can give you tailored advice about your specific event. Also, troubleshoot any issue with payment or anything related to app use.

These are must-have features for your event management app.Summing them all into four main categories:

Event Registration

Event Marketing

Event Attendees Engagement and

Event Analytics & Tracking

Every event is of its kind. So choose a company that lets you create a custom event app for your event organization & management. From customizing event marketing campaigns to gamification options to real-time polling, choosing the best event management app features will allow you to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for all your attendees.

Grupio – the best event management and conference planning app is available in three types to let you choose your kind of event app:

Grupio Express

Grupio Custom

Grupio Multi-Event

Thus, the Best Event Planning Apps are helpful for the events’ success right from the beginning. They make event planning simple, sorted, and let you make data-driven decisions. Ease your work with proper planning and workflow with an event app.