Motivating Millenials to Participate in Your Next Event

Millennials are those born between (in pure demographic terms) between 1977 and 1995. They are tech savvy, independent pride themselves on being socially connected, like gratification that comes in rapidly (not delayed) and can multi-task during any activity or event.

Any event planner that wants to attract and engage with this market demographic needs to be aware of the characteristics of the increasingly important market segment. Here are our takeaways for working with millenials for your next event.

• Market your event via social media
and make sure during the event you are providing tools and methods for millenials to stay engaged with during your event. And, make sure you have feedback mechanisms built into your marketing processes.

• Select a facility or meeting room that integrates real world interaction
(traditional) with more modern tools, including WiFi access, mobile readiness, engagement opportunities via all social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest).

• Check in with your millennial demographic prior to the event
and ask them what type of content will be meaningful for them and what services they are looking for during the event. The answers may surprise you and be open in terms of your Q&A with them.

• Setup and create networking opportunities that will appeal to millenials
– some are more socially active (like any demographic) than others and may want you to set up networking areas for them.

• Millenials like casual dress and/or environments
that are not too structured – make sure your event adheres to these standards and give them plenty of time that is unstructured and afford them the opportunity to engage with speakers and presenters during or after an event. They like spontaneity as well.

• Give them lots of options to choose from – they like events that are more tailored to their specific needs
, which may make it important to have “mini break out” sessions that afford them the ability to follow specific topics of interest that are appealing to them. You can again address this with your front end marketing and/or questionnaire.

• Millenials like data and information shared in short sound bites and bite sized chunks.
Ask your speakers to give shorter more interactive sessions with lots of Q&A when/if it makes sense during their presentation. And, ask them to keep their sentences short and tightly focused.

• When and if you can, use short videos that can be web accessible after a presentation
and archived for access later – these can also be very focused and help to drive engagement with millenials, especially if paired with presentations in a creative manner.

• The more entertaining a presentation, the deeper your engagement will be with millenials – like any younger skewed demographic they like learning wrapped in entertainment.

Millenials can be great event attendees and participants – you want to structure your events in ways that will be appealing to them to drive engagement and ongoing support of all of your events. Their unique characteristics and life style make them an attractive demographic for events – just remember to cater to their needs, like any market demographic.

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