Healthcare Mobile App & Its Smart Features

healthcare mobile app features

Technology is gradually transforming every aspect of our existence. Technology-oriented solutions, especially in healthcare have seen a lot of advancements. Immediate relief and enhanced offerings in the healthcare industry increase the spectrum at which they provide services. HCPs communicate and collaborate with patient care as mobility solutions. Healthcare Mobile App has helped to streamline various healthcare operations. It empowers affordable and efficient healthcare practices and engaging patients. Healthcare Mobile App is a cost-effective way to streamline the best healthcare providing services.

For hospitals and small clinics alike, healthcare mobile apps are the best technology-oriented solutions. While developing any application, you need to keep certain must-have features in your app. These features work as a blueprint for your white label event app development.

We have listed the top 5 smart features that are necessary while developing Healthcare Mobile Apps. These features will increase your business value and at the same time improve your in-patient care and management.

Record Accessibility and modification

For doctors, the patient’s medical history is very important as it plays a pivotal role. During prolonged and dynamic treatments, it is necessary to maintain records to perfection. To ensure that whenever a new doctor takes over they are on the same page as their predecessor. The traditional method of record maintenance is a headache. Papers, huge folders, and documents are really hard to manage. And worse than that is making sense of it all and finding details to start treatment. Oftentimes, health care professionals might miss a point or two.

A record management feature in your healthcare mobile event app can keep a check of history, modify information on the go from a single place. You can store patient information in a secure environment to avoid unauthorized access.

Assigning Duties to Healthcare Professionals and Staff Made Easy

A large number of healthcare professionals like physicians, surgeons, and nurses are involved when it comes to patient care. Every one of them is assigned to different wards and patients. To handle critical situations or during emergencies, these duties can be interchanged. However, if they do not get the correct information at that time, then it will be quite difficult to handle the situation in real-time.

This is where Healthcare Mobile Apps come in handy. You can schedule everything for your doctors and other medical staff easily. Once you open their profile, you can check their current assignments and distribute tasks based on your assessment. All this will help in streamlining the operational process and improving efficiency all the while keeping a tab on who is working where and what duty they are performing.

Search, Locate and Book Physicians

Book an appointment feature is a must-have in your white label event app. You can add a feature to upload all the profiles of your resident and specialist doctors within your healthcare mobile app. This will make it easier for your patients to browse through their profiles, shortlist and finalize the one they want to book an appointment. With this easy access, patients can check and choose a physician of their choice that is most suited for their health condition. Apart from that, you can add physician contact information within the app too.

Operations & Workflow Management

Apart from the doctor’s schedule, there is a bunch of assets and inventory that needs to be managed on a daily basis in hospitals. The data management for stocks like medicines, injections, instruments, stretchers, cleaning supplies, along with patient files and document stationery, etc. needs to be managed in the best possible way.

Instead of keeping a tab on all this manually, you can add an inventory management feature in your hospital event application to streamline the workflow and operations. Adding this feature will help you get real-time inventory information about the stocks left or if you need to buy more. This will not only make it easier for your workers to do their job but also help you efficiently track everything you can analyze and cut down your wastage by almost 30%.

Hospital/clinic Locator AKA geolocation integration

After booking an appointment if the patients can not locate the hospital or clinic, then it is of no use. Your app should have a geolocation feature that helps the patients to easily find their way to the clinic. Especially in case of emergencies, people should have one less thing to worry about, i.e. finding the hospital. Asking people around during an emergency can delay getting to the hospital on time. You can integrate google maps application within your app to make it easier. Grupio is the best event planning app platform. We can help you access everything with ease from a single place. Our CMS is efficient and reliable for pre-developed and custom applications.

Summary :

All the above-mentioned features should be introduced to your Healthcare Mobile App to easily benefit patient care, and help you streamline various operational and transactional aspects within your hospital. Apart from these, there are tons of features that can help you make your events app more user friendly and successful. Get in touch with us, we’ll help you understand everything from scratch.