Event Apps Make Your Organization More Competitive

It’s a dog eat dog competitive world, especially for event planners who want to use event apps to make your organization more competitive. To be blunt! Event apps can help you differentiate your firm or agency from your competitors – here is our take on competitive advantage.

Improve your Organizations Overall Productivity:

An event app can have all in one inclusive features. Using event apps frees your staff (as an example) from the boring drudgery of entering attendee registration information, trying to keep track of paperwork and event apps also make your organization greener.

Build market buzz with mobile apps

To drive down marketing costs – once your attendees have registered they can share the event instantly with their social media connections. Which will in turn lower some of your burdened costs for marketing the event, especially if you have some kind of viral marketing associated with your event: “get 10% for referring a friend on Facebook.”

Use Event Apps to make your organization better organized and smarter

An event planning app can improve your competitive advantage by making your organization more nimble. It can reduce your time to market (set up the app and connect your team and attendees). It will also force your staff to use their smartphones to stay in touch. This would improve engagement with your attendees, either via the mobile app, texting or social media accounts that are one click away from the mobile app.

Drive connectivity after the event

You’ve invested significant marketing dollars with your mobile app vendor and driven attendees to an online destination. Don’t stop with preloading marketing information for them prior to and during the event – use the mobile event app to connect with your attendees after the event as well.

As an example, use a survey form and ask them to fill this out and Tweet a response back to you using your event hashtag to drive greater recognition for your brand. Upload presentations or link to streaming videos of your speakers and presenters after the event and make these accessible (“clickable”) via the event app.

Event Apps will drive technology deeper into your organization

Event app usage forces your team to (sales, customer support, IT Department) to use cutting edge technology which also makes your organization more competitive and nimble in the long run. And, you should take a hard and in-depth look at your nearest competitors to understand if they are using a conference app to make their organization more competitor – or not!

Our team here at Grupio is customer service oriented and has years of experience developing mobile apps for event professionals – please reach out here via our web site or toll free number to speak with one of our knowledgeable team to understand how we can make your organization more competitive!