Challenges your event planning app can help you overcome

challenges your event planning app can help you overcome- grupio

While organising large events you are bound to face challenges. There are a lot of factors that are to keep in mind while organizing a large event; with venue prep, vendors, marketing, operations and attendee needs, organisers have their hands full.

They are trained to hold the fort alone and handle these situations but a little help along the way can take tons of stress off of mind. Technology has evolved to the point that mobile applications and gamification can help overcome all the obstacles. Here are some challenges that you might face but your event planning app can help overcome all of them.

Your Attendees’ Engagement and attendance drops as Your event Progress

During a multi-day event, maintaining customer engagement throughout the event is one of the main concerns. The highest engagement and energy can be seen on Day one, however, with time and sometimes prior commitments it dials down a notch or two as the hours and days progress. Event planning app can help you keep your attendees engaged and connected throughout the event. From games, quizzes and challenges to push notifications and in-app popups. You can share all the activities at the venue that your attendees might be interested in, this way vendors and participants will get more of your event.

A conference can be a bit too formal AKA BORING!

We agree that your event needs a purpose and meaning but you do not have to make it too formal. Gamification features in your mobile conference app can help you create a lively ambience for your attendees without interrupting your theme.

Event planning app can help participants absorb valuable content and network easily. Adding a social media sharing option within the app along with in-app chat features can help create an user friendly environment. It will help create buzz before, during and even after the event is complete.

Your Vendors and Sponsors Are Dissatisfied

Sponsors and vendors come with one goal in my to any event: maximum exposure for their product and services. This helps them generate quality leads for the future. However, if the attendees are not visiting their booth or act disinterested, it can make the vendors unhappy. Which in turn, will dial down the popularity of your event or conference amongst the sponsors and the vendors.

Event application development can help you influence your attendees and their behaviour. With the help of love notifications and in-app popups, you can push your attendees to interact with your sponsors and vendors. You can use gamification to influence the attendees. E.g. awarding points or coupons for visiting vendors, you can keep QR code which the visitors can only access if they attend a sponsor class. All these points and coupons can help give incentives and discounts on your vendor services. All these steps will ensure that your vendors and sponsors are able to reach out to maximum people within the given time frame.

Networking at Your Event is Difficult

As mentioned above, networking is the main reason why attendees, sponsors and vendors attend any event. Their main objective is to meet people with similar interests in jobs, other career and non-career related aspects. Networking with strangers can be awkward and sometimes even frustrating during events. This is where gamification and mobile app development comes in, it can make the process a whole lot simpler and easier.

Adding in-app chat features to help connect attendees with each other and sponsors is a great way to break the ice. Adding a feature to add profiles for all the members can help your audience shortlist the persons they want to connect with. Group chats for like-minded people or with a similar area of interest is another way to make the process seamless. You can even gamify this, the more number of guests a participant adds on their list, the more points they earn. The main issue is finding the medium to take the first step while connecting with a stranger, if you solve this issue, your event app will be a success no matter what.

You Receive Vague Feedback Related to The Success of Your Event

Always make sure that you take feedback from the attendees, sponsors, vendors and your clients once you complete organizing the event. You need to improve and outrun yourself the next time if you want to be successful.

Attendee feedback is the best way to know what worked and what you need to work on. Standard questionnaires and feedback forms are a tedious task for everyone. Most people do not even try to fill them. If you have your own event planning app, you can gamify this process, too. How? Just add simple questionnaires in between games and reward the customers for answering them. This will help you gain usable insights without waiting on the customers to fill any forms or deal with the paperwork.

All these reviews will not only help you plan better for future events, but it can also help you make immediate changes if your event is a multi-day or week-long affair. If your customers see you working on the features they didn’t like it will make certain that they are happy and your event is a huge success. And one more plus is that you will be able to eliminate future negative reviews. We highly suggest you invest in mobile app development for your next event.


An event planning app can very well make or break your event’s success with its features. Just make sure that you add the right features that are related to your event before you go live. Adding unnecessary features will only increase the cost and annoy your customers. Make sure that you find a good white label event app development company in the USA to work on your events app if you are going to outsource it.

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