Indicators to Ascertain the Success of Your Virtual Conference


Virtual meetings/ in person conferences have become the norm, which is on the rise, as many companies and attendees have become accustomed to the virtual experience and will expect the same convenience and benefits of online components until everything is back to normal and they start attending standard conventions and events again.

Well, arranging and hosting a virtual conference demands a lot of hard work and devotion. Therefore, it is extremely important to measure the success of your held in-person conference event to comprehend what was right and what can be worked on in future events.

According to analysis, companies measure the success of their virtual events by the number of attendees present. Nevertheless, there are multiple indicators of a successful event past merely counting the number of attendees in a conference.

Here are a few key performance indicators you can look out for to evaluate the success of your next personal conference meeting.

  • The Number of Check-Ins

The first measurable numeral revealing the rate of success of personal conferences or any event is the number of check-ins caused by individuals attending the affair. Of course, it is normal for some attendees to skip the event. Yet, a substantial difference between the two numbers reveals better success.

  • Post-Conference Surveys

Mailing out surveys to the attendees after the conference is a wonderful way to comprehend the success rates. Remember to hold your surveys brief and to the point for maximum results. Once you have the outcomes, calculate the Net Promoter Score for the survey queries to define the idea of your attendees concerning the conference. This is an ideal way to condition better for forthcoming events.

  • Social Media Engagement

In this digital connectivity era, the social media movement of the attendees is practically an actual indicator of success. To make things painless to follow, you can invite the audience to share a distinct hashtag of the conference and then locate the number of times it has been cited and shared across media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Revenue

The earnings numbers invariably remain the significant indicator of success. Look at the net revenue figures after subtracting all overhead expenses to comprehend whether your event has functioned as per anticipation or not.

  • Patrons Satisfaction Surveys

Like the post-event surveys for attendees, construct a survey for your patrons to comprehend their engagement grades in the conference. Again, a high NPS score on the outcomes indicates optimistic results, and it significantly boosts the possibility of prospective collaborations.

Besides all of these indicators, you can even evaluate the engagement rates via stats available in the in-person conference app. This would fetch you instant results and help you annotate and work for better events.

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