How to Leverage Mobile Event Management App While Organizing Events?

How to Leverage

No lie; organizing events is a strenuous task.

But thanks to event management apps, making the jobs of event planners like hosting all sorts of events easier.

Event planning regularly includes sending hundreds of emails a day or dealing with endless spreadsheets – a tiresome job that will annoy anyone out. Furthermore, the added stress that follows like handling last-minute changes, managing thousands of guests’ meal preferences, etc., can freak out even the most experienced event planner.

That is why event planners nowadays use the right event management app to handle the numerous tasks of organizing one or even multiple and possibly overlapping events efficiently and without any hassle.

Besides, the apps also help the users find what’s happening in their cities and proffer them an uncomplicated and comfortable experience.

Let’s learn how one can leverage the event organizer app for hassle-free, winning events…

      • Use Event Marketing/Promotion Feature for Powerful Marketing

Marketing is as important as icing on the cake. Of course, the success of the event depends on the number of attendees. And only proper and effective marketing can make more and more people notified about your forthcoming conferences and events.

Some of the best conference apps or event apps already comprise event marketing/promotion features for promotion purposes, and they provide you with some marketing tools to reach out to the audience and boost your event attendees.

Here are some of the marketing ways you can use through event apps:

Offering Promo Codes & Incentives

Email Marketing


      • Harness ‘Go live’ and Stories options

According to reports, brands post 2 times more stories on social media for marketing purposes.

Stories have become a part of all social media platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Youtube. Out of all these, Instagram stories are the most used, and around 60% of businesses are already getting discovered using stories.

It says marketers are already choosing social media as their marketing method as there is a wider audience on it.

Similarly, Social media stories are a beautiful way to promote events too. You can ask questions, run polls, post behind the scenes, and team intro videos to connect with your audience and to keep them updated.

Besides stories, you can also use the Go-Live option to create a buzz among viewers.

Ask your app developer to add a feature to connect your conference event app with personal social media profiles directly. Give access to customers to easily access and share their favorite event moments via images, videos, and text. This way, you can get organic users. If you target a more extensive audience, you can go for sponsored stories, too, for new customer acquisition.

      • Utilize Event Analytics Feature for Decision Making

The event analytics feature in the app lets you study the click & tap usage report of attendees. It also enables you to compare your achieved statistics against an industry benchmark. Also, you can analyze data related to total and unique clicks for better understanding. You can use this feature for in-depth reporting to help you make more precise decisions.

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