The Importanceof Event Apps for Event Planning Business

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Mobiles are the future, there’s no denying this fact. The device size for accessing things online has decreased subsequently and mobile browsing has become the main source of data consumption and computing. Mobile event planning business apps are on the rise and it is playing a big role in the event management world. The main reason why use of an event app is famous amongst the organisers is their ability to make things easier and the event less stressful.

Conferences, meetings, trade shows, themed parties, weddings, the company meets; list of the types of events is really long. With so many types of events and the gradual increase in demand for organising them, event planners need tech implementation to handle the event. Handling everything or multiple events without technology is just not feasible in the world where customers demand 24×7 seamless services.

This is the main reason why mobile apps are quite important in the growth of any events company. It is such a powerful tool, from total event management, content, data analysis and engagement to streamlining and optimization, there are so many valuable elements and features that you can add. We can easily say that what type of mobile event app an events company is using can help determine and reevaluate their services.

To help you understand the role that mobile event apps play in the event planning business, we have compiled a list with the most sought after features. Read ahead to get the basic idea about what these features are and how they can help.

Event Apps Help You Organize your event and showcase your vision

Traditional spreadsheet approach to keep a tab on things happening across different verticals is a task in itself. Apart from the fact that it is a tedious task, there is always a chance that somebody can change, even your boss, by mistake or just because they felt like it. But that is not the case with a conference app. You can organise and showcase your agendas within the app by uploading the schedule within the app, if anyone wants to change it they have to go through a screening process. This helps maintain the authenticity and keeps authorization in check. Take Grupio for example, you can upload all the events via CMS and change it by logging in. You’ll be able to organise the schedule and in case of any change in plans, you’ll know who changed what and when. Easy and clean!

Streamline and organize your team

Miscommunication is one of the biggest flaws that make things go haywire during event planning business. However, with an event management app, you can avoid any and all miscommunications. By streamlining the tasks at hand and organising the team you can facilitate effective collaboration. From event managers, admins, force fields coordinators and marketing team, tasks can be assigned properly. It also helps you keep a track of deadlines with the help of dashboards with timelines to ensure efficiency.

Increase the sales of your ticket

The sale is the main motto in all events, you need to increase the footfall by attracting attendees to your event. With digital marketing on the rise, you need to have an eye-catching landing page. After looking at this page all your potential attendees will decide whether to buy a ticket for your event or not. Customization and personalisation in the app and communication is what makes a good event management app stand out. We suggest if you are going to invest your time and money in event app development, try an experienced and renowned organization like Grupio to ensure success.

Boost attendee engagement

Imagine you sold around 1500 tickets for your event, however, the footfall was just 800. And in case of free events, registration does not ensure that the attendee will attend the event. To make sure that this does not happen in your event, you need to make sure that you keep your registrants and sponsors engaged right from the moment they get in touch with you.
This is where an event management app can help. After the client registers, you can send scheduled push notifications, teasers, reminders, in-app communications to make sure that they do not miss your event highlight and services.

Automate check-ins

Check-ins can be quite a monotonous but hectic task on the event day. To ensure that you do not have unauthorized users in your event, you have to take measures. The traditional coupon code or ticket are gone. You have to deploy a mobile check-in app or add a QR scan facility within your event application that can be used to keep a track of things. Automating Check-ins also helps to get rid of the long queues that are nothing more than a nuisance at the events. Even if your event is public, this step ensures that you keep a track of things at the same time. E.g. the last-minute attendees, the online attendees, and the registrants who haven’t paid.

Manage multiple events with ease

Managing multiple events simultaneously with ease is a dream come true for all event planners out there. An Event planning business app is what helps in making this dream a reality. Just strategize your work plan and automate your task execution. With Grupio you just need to input updates, data and assign tasks once. After that, you can check and monitor task status from anywhere.

Attendees Engagement Before, During, & After the event

The communication so for your event should not stop once your event ends. Networking is the main reason why customers and sponsors take part in your event. Mobile apps are a great way to make connections. Apart from in-app communication, for social media sharing, users can upload and share photos directly from the app or participate in streams of conversations. This also helps event planners to get quantifiable data on the overall engagement and determine how your attendees are adopting, interacting, and sharing.


For a positive ROI, mobile app development for events is important. With the cut-throat competition in the market, it is no wonder that more and more event organisers are investing in apps. Try to look for white label event app development companies that offer top-notch solutions depending on your requirements to make your events planning business successful.

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