How to Start Successful Event Planning Business?

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Dreaming about starting a successful event planning venture? If starting an event management company is your goal then there are several reasons to go ahead and start. But COVID-19 has everything under lockdown. Use this time to your advantage and research a bit about it. To help you start the process of your event planning business. We have arranged a step guide that will help you get an idea before you get in touch with clients.

Gain Event Planning Skills and Experience

The experience will always play an important role in the long-term success of your event planning business. Before starting your business you should have a solid grasp over, verbal and written communication, strong organizational, time-management, negotiation, budget management along with creative marketing, and public relationship handling skills. Professional certification, experienced staff on board, and industry relations will also help attract more customers. If you can, then try to work under any event app company for a short while to get the basic idea of how things work. You can get a lot of internships and freelance job offers in event planning.

Determine Your Target Market

Event planning is not just limited to informal weddings and functions. Formal events like corporate meetings, yearly sales meet, fundraisers, conferences, etc are quite prominent areas too. You should determine your area of expertise based on your skills, resources, and experience.

You can offer multiple services if you want but make sure you have the infrastructure to handle multiple events at once. Grupio can help you manage multiple events in your mobile events management app from its CMS portal. Grupio can provide customize conference, tradeshow, CMS as well as university app. Things might look the same but there are distinctive differences when it comes to social and corporate events. Don’t dabble your hands in everything, determine what you can do best to earn more profit, and then expand gradually.

Come up with a Business Plan

After shortlisting and deciding your area of expertise, don’t just jump into marketing it everywhere. There are a lot of things that require your attention before you are ready to run your business. You need a good business plan and proper insights to walk through the process. Reading a lot of business articles from various sources might help. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

Designate Business Entity that Fits Best for your organization

As it comes after deciding what you want to focus on, this is more of a work in progress stage. Now you need to work on your business structure AKA foundation. The First step is to find the type of business entity that works for you. Professional advice is suggested. Try Grupio, the complete event management platform  to create conference , university or tradeshow app . The most fundamental step is to make sure you decide what type of business entity works best for your plan. For this, it’s important to secure professional advice. Multiple options are available, choose the one that best represents you and your brand essence.

Obtain Business Insurance

This step is mandatory. Secure general liability, insurance, business owner’s interest are all directly proportional to each other. There are a lot of insurance plans available for event planning business companies. There are, but not limited to, general and product liability, home-based insurance, worker’s compensation, criminal insurance, and other health benefits. We suggest you speak to an insurance advisor to gain all the knowledge related to business insurance.

Develop Your Network of Suppliers and Staffing Resources

Consider including a network of suppliers for different works during your event to handle the burden of business structure. From caterers, florists, photographers to valets, there are tons of suppliers. You can contact them to handle the operational aspects of your events. Other departments like administration, marketing, sales, legal, accounting, and other functions require proper infrastructure development and resources to support events. The best enterprise event apps have all these in-built features.

Define Your Event Planning Business Services

Legal and accounting departments are a must-have in any events company. Don’t fret. They will help you decide the types of events and mobile app development services you can offer based on your budget and legal norms. You can decide your core services, target market, product, and plans. Whether they are full-fledged venue management or gifts and transportation or videography. You have to decide everything and sign a contract with your clients that will save you from unprecedented legal matters, if any, in the future.

Establish an Event Planning Business Fee Structure

Free structure development is an important step. Keeping in mind the service that you will offer, like conference app for virtual conferences, seminars, podcasts, etc. the pricing will change. It is really difficult to provide reasonable rates and at the same time make a reasonable profit. Do not forget to include flat-free, expense percentage, hourly rate, commission, and event app development. Grupio can help you with this, we have a complete range of customizable apps. It can help you create the events app at a reasonable price.

Secure Funding for Your Business

Operating budget is required in each business for smooth execution. Securing funds to get access to a comfortable cash base decides the success of an events company. Better funds also help in developing the best white label event app. You can add monetization features along with attendee profile, venue details, push notifications, etc. to make your business look up to date, lucrative, and become profitable.

Business Development and Marketing for Event Planning Business

After all this planning, shortlisting, and finalization, it is time to put a business model in place. It let you develop important business and marketing inventory. An understanding of services provided in charge for your services when required will help you create a more stress-free and successful environment. Decide your brand theme, image, language, color theory, business cards, merchandising, collaterals, etc.


COVID-19 has forced us to discard the option of gatherings for a while. Virtual conference app usage is a new reality right now. Make sure you invest in a good events management platform to start your event planning business successfully.

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