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Due to COVID- 19, Virtual events are on the rise during this lockdown period. It is no surprise that more and more companies are investing in mobile event app technology for virtual event planning. If you are not already a part of this race, then please join without further ado.

Before you move forward ask yourself the following questions related to a Virtual Event.

  • Will virtual events work for you ? or in-person events are still required?
  • Do you have a virtual meeting solution?
  • Is your staff efficient enough to handle technical instruments?
  • Do you have the bandwidth to add more hours to it?
  • Will your attendees be able to attend your event virtually? DO they have all the necessary means to do it?

Once you’ve decided that you are going to do it, you will need a plan for how are you going to plan a virtual event?. It is quite similar to in-person or physical events. Put yourself in your participant’s shoes and think about what attracts them. You can use your standard tips and tricks to make sure that your event is a success e.g., no session should be longer than 2 hours, and that goes for podcasts, seminars, games, and everything. The planning process is very similar to that of any other event.

While panning any virtual event, you should add the following features without thinking twice:

Event website

Both of them are important for event promotion. Good and interesting ad copies can be used to entice customers with the “ first glance test” where you show what your event is all about in just 5 minutes via visuals. If they are interested, they can read more info on your website or download your app to know more. Before downloading the app, make sure that your landing page showcases your speakers, events include FAQs and other questions that users might have. For apps, you can either go with natives from scratch app development or hybrid apps. Grupio is the best event apps development platform that can help you decide what will suit best according to your needs.

Mobile Event App

Mobile apps are becoming a crucial part of virtual events as they play the role of a personal tour guide and home base for attendees during events. These apps are the information hub for attendees where they find agendas with session links, content that they like, networking with in-app chat, etc. attendees get the freedom to choose what they want. These apps can act as their virtual assistants and information hub for attendees. Agendas with links to sessions put content at the attendee’s fingertips. With grupio, you also get the option to add their profile and use in-app text features in their conference app. This helps participants connect and network with each other virtually.


Make sure your website and events app have Registration as the first page. It will be a crucial tool that will help you acquire data like attendee preference, communication details, personal information, and demographic details, etc. It will help you generate potential leads for your future events too. Make sure that the steps are easy and simple with laymen language. All the data collected here can help markers reach out to these customers from time to time for event updates and campaign planning for future events.


Go for online CMS and CRM tools integrations like grupio. Where all your vital data like Registration and attendee data is stored securely over their servers. You can access it anytime from anywhere just by logging into their portals. Using this data, you will be able to automate your marketing requirements, analyze insights quickly, and, most importantly, you will not have to worry about storing all this information on personal servers. Event application development companies are more creative for conference or tradeshow apps rather than technologically sound. Tech experts handle all the work related to data security and fighting unauthorized access.

Live Q and A’s, webinars, podcasts via social media connectivity

Live Q and A sessions, webinars, and podcasts are key points of virtual events, but how do you make sure that it reaches the masses. All your attendees and participants will be able to access these only after Registration on your app/platform. But if you allow them to share snippets of your event on their social media, it will not only help create a buzz but also improve engagement and sales.yu6y

Data from Virtual Events

Ane vents app can help you gather information from each attendee before, during, and after the events. All the data that you get will help you learn what works and what doesn’t. You also generate quality leads by targeting potential customers and improve your future event success rate. The type of data that you can collect and analyze are as under :

  • Number of registrations
  • Demographic and psychographic information
  • Session time and ratings
  • Post-event survey
  • Social media engagement and reach
  • Click-through rates


Just developing a website event is not enough; you have to update the event website and communicate with your attendees regularly when you are planning a virtual event. Social media channels, emails, and in-app messages are a way to do it. Make sure that your enterprise event app has all the vital information that your attendees might need to attend your event virtually.

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