How do Tradeshow Apps Help in Lead Generation and Networking?

Not only we, but most industry insiders believe that event apps are pretty much a need these days. And close to half of the event planners are already using such apps regularly at their events, and adoption is growing every year at an incredible pace.

One of the primary reasons behind this is, almost every person goes to tradeshows with a mobile device. They use it freely during the event—to live-tweet, take down business information, review emails, and in plenty more ways.

Well, the point is, why not utilize this fact as a benefit that your audience keeps looking at their screens in some or another way?

Here comes the role of the mobile app. Yes, by using mobile apps, you can quickly get in front of some eyeballs. With apps, you can provide relevant information about your exhibit and help attendees navigate the event hall. Must say you can easily transform the trade show into a more pleasant and more fruitful activity for your intended audience.

There are many benefits of using tradeshow apps, but one best of all is lead generation and networking.

Lead Generation and Networking

It is no wrong to say that for B2B marketers, the topmost priority is lead generation. Surely, the marketers have multiple lead generation channels available, from great old cold calls to the various new opportunities that social media now offers; Trade Shows stand as a class apart.

It is because they are the best places to network. After all, the people you meet there are also there for the same reason. Attendees arrive at an event to get good value for the time and money they contribute.

And what’s the better result other than generating leads or growing a network.

At the event, a notable proportion of attendees are likely to be interested in techniques that help them make new contacts. So, by making your trade show app their networking hub, you are doing them a big favor.

Think this way, an easy to carry, purpose-built piece of software that helps exhibitors and attendees quickly jot down who they spoke to and that person’s business potential. At the close of the trade show, you can send timely reminders to help people follow their potential clients/ interested prospects by using your white label event app.

Some more benefits:

    • Reaching prospects worldwide

    • Nurture leads and ultimately convert them

    • Sharing information successfully

    • Easily engage with exhibitors; in a group or a one-on-one

    • Keep passive buyers in the loop

Wrap up Thought

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