How you can leverage Grupio conference app if you’re going Virtual

Face to face interaction is an invaluable part of event management. However, there comes a time when the need to go virtual is inevitable such as during this time where COVID 19 has taken over our lives. Events and conferences are such a huge part of businesses. They are bound to happen one way or another. But how can you manage it without risking lives at this point in time? The answer to the question is Grupio, the best conference apps.

It can help you convert a multi-day conference filled with seminars, networking opportunities and attendee insights into a virtual and engaging event. Going virtual doesn’t mean it will be easy, it will require the same amount of effort and dedication. Apart from the venue and on-site attendees, everything will be the same. You’ll need to engage attendees, promote event amongst other things to make your event a success.

First of all, let’s talk about what virtual events are and how can you host them?

What is a Virtual Event?

Have you attended a webinar online? Or watched any on-demand classes? Even if you haven’t done these you might have attended an online meetings, right? All these things are examples of virtual events. Individuals experience the event online rather than attending one in person. However, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or bland. You can make your online events exciting and fun with event management app.

Why Host a Virtual Event?

The main agenda behind hosting virtual events is the same as in-person events: Lead generation, revenue increase, networking and building lifetime loyalty value. The fight and struggle between choosing in-person, virtual and hybrid events is nothing new.

Webinars are great when you need to deliver to a wider set of audience in different geographic locations. Conferences are great for a virtual one on one interaction and sessions. Despite the pros and cons, event management companies have to choose between the type of virtual event they will host depending on their client’s requirements, goals and needs.

Elements of Virtual Event

Content, attendee engagement and data are the key points or building blocks of a virtual event. While F&B is not required in virtual events, they basically have the same elements as other events. E.g. video quality and connectivity are really crucial along with the site that will host the agenda and your content. Please find below the appended list of elements that make up a virtual event:

  • Event website
  • Event registration
  • Live PPT
  • Live video/ audio sessions
  • Q&A
  • Live poll
  • Social media engagement
  • Note-taking/favourite slides and gamification
  • Pre-recorded videos and audios
  • Engagement via video conferencing
  • Feedback and surveys

Why Grupio Conference app?

Easy Setup – Control Your Conference Event Data

– Grupio’s conference management system makes it easier to set up the data for your conference event app.

– You can change the data on a real-time basis.

– The native apps for events and conferences along with the mobile website will pick up the published changes immediately.

– Easy UI for the admin panel- conference apps. Easy to add features like :

  1. Modify items: Show and hide menu items, rename them, and create custom menu items.
  2. Last-minute updates: change branding anytime. Content Management System. Gives the option to update most graphics displayed in the mobile apps for events and conferences.

Focus on your partners

Sponsors and exhibitors are an important aspect of all events. They need special attention and Grupio can help with that.

– You can list exhibitors and sponsors in the mobile conference app in their special sections.

– Banner ads- a carousel of images can be added that shows the name and logos of sponsors.

– These images can be hyperlinked and you can choose where to send in your events app users to when they click on these ads.

– This will allow the events team to give the required visibility to their respective conference partners.

– Monetizing these ad banners is also possible. Grupio gives you the freedom to change links and add images a real-time basis from the Content Management System.

Custom branding

Your conference event app should match your event branding across all digital channels. But you won’t need a graphics team or designer for that.

– You can get all the designs and templates you want from us.

– Our app design team can help you set up your mobile event application with a custom theme with a complete branding image.

– The custom conference app development gives you the freedom to change your branding images using the content management system in real-time.

Analytics through you Conference app

As mentioned above, data is an important part of virtual events, it helps to analyse what worked and what didn’t so that you can plan better for your future events.

– With Grupio you can see real-time attendee numbers. Any and all the attendees that are currently present or are using the event planning app on a device or operating system can be seen.

– Bifurcation of iPhone, iPad, Android, and OS can also be seen.

– Unique clicks and total click can be seen in different sections for better data analysis.

– All this will help in creating brand value and ultimately event promotion.

– You can download stats in an excel format to check the total installation counts per device type.

– Higher visibility because of advertising partners ensures/ improves the chance that they might come back to you for your next conference.


Virtual events are becoming key to improving your overall digital strategy. While face to face interactions might always have the upper hand, circumstances like COVID_19 may necessitate going virtual on very short notice. Proper and adequate technology, like conference management apps, and strategic planning can help pivot digital events as an alternative in these times. Virtual events can help deliver engaging, informative experiences to attendees. We can not stress it enough, Do not take virtual events as small presentations, but as engagement-driven and impactful events. They can help add value extending beyond the virtual screens.

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