7 Best Ways for Event Promotion and Branding

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Events are an excuse and an opportunity for people to step out of our mundane life and network with like-minded people on the company’s dime. On one hand, event planning companies work tirelessly on finding ways for event promotion, event branding, its  planning and execution.

But getting everything done on an operational level is not enough. Marketing the event is such an important part of event planning that it can make or break your whole company. If you are also looking for event marketing ideas and tips for promotion and branding then read ahead.

Tip 1: Conference hashtags to run Geo-targeted Search & Social Campaigns

Social media will be your friend when it comes to Geo-targeting before the events. Facebook and Instagram ads using geo-targeting can help you attract a lot of potential attendees to attend your event. Reaching out to people via emails and SMS will be limited to the amount of data you have in your conference app database, this is where geo-targeted search ads and campaigns will help. To bring more people to your booth, post discounts or offers and happy hours, etc. Make your presence known by being vocal and socially active on your social media platforms.

Tip 2: Dedicated Hashtag and Pre-Event conversation for Event Promotion

Hashtags are a lifesaver when it comes to big events. There might be hundreds of brands during the event and in order to make yourself stand out, you need a catchy hashtag.

Start marketing your venue/booth before the event starts. Use the main conference hashtag to draw attention to your brand. Make a dedicated Facebook events page and post regular updates to grab the opportunity of starting early buzz. Be interactive and have a dedicated team that will reply to customer’s queries. People expect 24×7 customer service before, during, and after the event.

Tip 3: Go live and make use of Stories

From Snapchat, Instagram to Facebook, and even youtube, stories have become a part of all social media platforms. Amongst all these, Instagram stories are the most used feature. More than 60% of businesses get discovered via stories. They are a wonderful way to promote events. Post behind the scenes and team intro videos to connect with your audience, work on polls, ask questions, and update regularly.

Come up with fun ideas to connect with your audience. You can even go live with your users and experts to create a buzz. Add a feature to directly connect your event app with personal social media profiles. Customers should be able to easily access and share their favorite event moments via videos, images, and text. This feature is absolutely free and you can get organic users. If you are targeting a larger set of audience, you can even go for sponsored stories for new customer acquisition.

Tip 4: Implement all Digital Marketing Handbook tools

Go all out while event promotion. Not just for paid advertisement, but all free and organic platforms which can help you. From roadshows to promotional emails, radio shoutout, search ads, display ads, mini videos, and behind the scenes snippets, etc. You can get quality leads if you analyze these potential customers and retarget them. Grupio is a great events platform that can help you create customized white label event app to track such activities.

Tip 5: Word of mouth and influencers

Word of mouth marketing with the help of your colleague can help you rally up the sales. Ask your teams to speak about it day in and day out. Pitch it during your townhalls, events to excite them so that they end up making friendly conversations around people even out of the office. This will help in organic brand building and event promotion.

Tip 6: Create an Event-Specific Website and invest in mobile event app development

Landing pages or an entire website dedicated to your event are a must-have while any event promotion. They allow the users and potential attendees to explore and get all the information related to your event. You can go all out with branding the entire website according to your brand theme.

Customized mobile event app can help you get in touch with your users better. Instead of reaching out to them via SMS or emails for minor details, you can send push notifications or provide customer service via in-app chat support. Apps will also allow users to navigate to other sections like conference venues, news updates, sponsor details, and buy tickets. Apart from that, you can add detailed information like location, date, and time, banner videos/gifs or carousels on the home page, FAQ page, past events, code of conduct, and accommodations.

Tip 7: Run a Giveaway Campaign

Everyone loves freebies, and can’t help human nature. If you set up a contest for even one or two free tickets, people are going to participate no matter what. Trade show app with event gamification features can help you run such contests. The word of mouth marketing for the giveaway will become even stronger.

Think about a contest from scratch. Work on the posting schedule, creative theme, descriptions, terms, and conditions, hashtags. Get people interested if you want to generate good quality leads. Keeping in mind your target audience, demographics, event theme, and your audience’s psychographic interests while doing all this. Example: for a makeup event your audience will be females of age group 18- 40. Then, keep a check of your event venue while targeting them. Also, make contest entry rules profiles with hashtags, following you or your sponsors, etc. For winners, you can have a lucky draw or the maximum number of votes scenario.


Be it investing in enterprise event app or university app, getting sponsors, selling tickets, or finalizing the venue, everything requires planning. There is an awesome networking opportunity to market brands and make them approachable and offer valuable services. You need to make sure that your event promotion and branding is done correctly. To generate a good return on your investments.

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