Event Planning Software

Software automation, especially anything related to the web and/or smartphone usage is accelerating rapidly. Driven by lowered costs, ease of use and competitive forces. Event Planning Software has now gone mainstream to – every event planner or firm is using or testing some level of automation via event app or event planning software to help drive more engagement with attendees, facilitate communications and/or lower costs.

Event Planning Software – Core Features

Automate Creating Registration Forms

Let’s face it your staff and attendees are always in hurry and looking for productivity tools. Automating your registration forms really helps to save you and your attendees time – they log in and access your event and register in minutes. Trying to handle registration for events via paper is tiresome and cumbersome. Automate and streamline!

Cross Promote Your Event

Most of the best event app software are cloud based, enabling your company to easily cross promote your event on your own web site, social media profiles and also via the vendor’s web site – driving incremental traffic which can lower our overall event costs. Many vendors have custom widgets that can be optimized for your app.

Enables Your Firm to Work More Efficiently

Your staff does not have to go through the time-consumer process of collecting information from your attendees and then keying in this information into another software program. Most event organizer app softwares and/or services enable your attendees to login once, with no (other than fact checking for accuracy) other work required from your staff.

Fast Track Your Attendees with Multi Track

You can make your event registration process even more streamlined by using a vendor such as Cvent which gives your attendees the option to select specific themed tracks as part of their registration process.

Easily Integrate Your Sponsors and Exhibitors

One can solicit documents and presentations prior to your event from your Speakers, Sponsors or Exhibitors and then upload these documents with your conference app isting.

Repurpose Your Current Event Easily

Most event planning software vendors will let you “clone” or copy an existing event from a previous event and then modify the core template or event you created earlier. This is great productivity tool for any event planner, saving you tremendous time, especially if you host multiple events during the year with the same attendee focus.

Mobilize You Event to Drive Engagement

Most event planning apps and platforms are mobile ready. With approximately 30% of your registrants and attendees using smartphones, it’s critical to provide them with instantaneous registration via their smartphones.

To summarize, event planning app software makes your organization more efficient, saves you money and time and conveys a much stronger image with your attendees. Be aware, there are five or six major platforms and vendors and the list is changing all of the time.