How to Bridge out gaps on your conferences during this outbreak of COVID-19

While health and safety are topmost priorities for all of us, we know it can still be flattening to cancel an event. For associations, canceling an annual meeting or event means missing out a valuable time to bring your community together. During these times, we can look to technology to bridge some of the gaps that missing out on your annual conference may cause.

And what better way than with mobile? An average person spends nearly 4 hours a day on their phones. With Grupio, you can easily turn your event app into a year-round membership engagement to keep you and your members in communication. Here are a few ideas for changing your association event app into a year-round engagement tool.

Use your app as an online community Encourage members to build connections. Sure, talking online is not quite the same as a face to face event, but with Photo Gallery, our in-app activity feed, Discussion Board etc you can encourage members to let their personalities shine with text, image, and video updates!

Tip: start the discussion off by articles or news! This will encourage others to do the same


Turn your event content into a virtual event series

Don’t fret – all of those speaking sessions, presentations, and research papers don’t have to go to waste. Instead, utilize those resources to educate your members throughout the year. Host virtual events monthly or quarterly leveraging your selected speakers. Create sessions, just like you would for a live event and include the video link in the session description.

Keep information flowing

Another practical way of using a mobile app is to provide on-demand information to your members. Whether it’s important documents or relevant industry publications – you can make your app a repository for all things that may interest your community.

Bring in sponsor revenue:

Just because your event app is transforming into an evergreen app doesn’t mean you have to forget sponsors! Promoting your sponsors can be achieved digitally through a variety of methods. You can give your sponsors a dedicated menu item, enabling them to fill it with resources they’d like. You can also sell the rights to a sponsored banner image that will live at the top of your app. Sponsored sessions are another great way to give a high level of visibility to these stakeholders.