Technology is Fast Transforming the Events Landscape!


Technology has transformed perhaps every aspect of our life. Be it your personal space, or any industry you work in, technology is constantly chasing you down. So is the case with the event industry. Once touted as an isolated business gathering, events are considered as a tech-oriented business engagement. It’s an overwhelming feel to witness the transformation in event management over the last few years.  Let’s explore and find out how technology has penetrated the very fabric of the event management using an event app:

Audience Engagement:

Events aren’t happening the ‘one to many’ ways. Now, it’s about attracting and engaging the bigger world out there. You will find many social media tools and other apps to hook the attention of the virtual audience. Live streaming is one such tool that can broadcast your live event to far off places at any time. You can run online contests, polls, and Q&A sessions etc. to arrest the online attention.

Personalized data:

Industry is flooded with data but not every single byte is commercially beneficial. You got to have the best analytical models to identify and implement the information to drive successful events. You can use Google Analytics to find the trending online events. Get used to the advanced technology such as iBeacon to expedite tracking down the movement of your event attendees. Go a notch up higher with the real time data functionalities to find what event sponsors and attendees are scrambling for. Event planning app can help you tarck and visualise this data.

Wearable Technology:

It may be a bit early to say but mainstream wearable technology is likely to rule the roost in the next few months. It’s an overwhelming feel to capture and store quantum of information from events. And all that without letting your hands do the job. Google Glass is one such revolutionary tool offering hands-free technology experience at events.

Future Technologies:

Recent advances in robotics have sparked hopes around unparalleled virtual event experience. For example, Suitable Technology Beam has become a popular robotic choice for CEOs of large corporations to participate in corporate events they can’t attend in person. If this core beam technology can be pulled to consumer level, you can very well imagine the dynamics. So instead of flying down to the event location or making hotel booking, you can log into a computer and take full control of a telepresence robot. They can easily navigate the event space to interact with guest speakers, vendors, suppliers and other esteemed participants. You can boost your virtual technology experience using conference app integration with solutions such as Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni.

You may find some of them costly but they are worth it against their insurmountable benefits. While you are chalking down the blue print of the next event, check out some of these technology-inspired solutions from Grupio to stimulate business growth and success.