Marketing your Events on Pinterest

Pinterest is the fourth most popular web site on the web, with hundreds of millions of visitors per month and organic growth that is the envy of any and all portals or social media platforms.

If you are an event planner you want to promote your brand and event on this high growth social media platform. Here are six marketing tips for Event Planners for effective Pinterest Marketing:

6 tips for pinterest marketing:

1) Establish a brand profile on Pinterest and complete your core information (description, corp logo and make sure you include a link back to your site and event app. Pinterest uses “pins” (images) that are collected on Boards (groups of thematically grouped pins).

2) If you are publicizing a new event created multiple boards on Pinterest that feature different aspects of your event. These can include pictures or image from the venue where you are hosting your event (you can push people to this specific Board) – be creative, you can feature any/all images that may reflect some of the amenities of the venue, rooms, exterior shots of the venue, conference rooms, restaurant, bar, etc.

3) If you have a blog that you are utilizing for marketing purposes share all of your blog images on Pinterest and label them based on the type of image. LInk your conference app to your pinterest account to make it fast. You can also use hashtags to optimize images on Pinterest just like you would utilize on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter or Facebook – make sure you cross promote your Pinterest account via Facebook and Twitter.

4) Create a Board for each event – think of these as a storyboard that you can use moving forward via all marketing processes (PR, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and as you build multiple Boards which you are marketing, you are building up legacy content that will help you to drive more traffic back to your web site and that will resonate with prospective event attendees.

5) Don’t forget about videos – if you have a YouTube account make sure you share these videos on Pinterest as well. Just like image optimization (title and hashtags), optimize your videos by creating a good title for the video. The mobile event app can help you share the sam videos on multiple coount simultneously.

6) Think of Pinterest as you would any other social platform. When you generate a “like” or “follow” with your Pinterest account then reciprocate in kind, as this will drive more traffic to your Boards and web sites.

Pinterest is a great social network for any event professional and there are tens of thousands of your peers using Pinterest as a creative marketing platform. Before you get started, spend some time looking at and assessing your peers, get a white label event app, so you can get a head start on your Pinterest marketing!