Mobile Event Apps Features and Red Flags to avoid at all Costs!

There are a huge array of features and functions available via Mobile App Vendors. Some of them are useful and some are not – here is a quick snapshot of features and functions Event, Meeting and Conference Planners should look for and be aware of.

5 event app features you must know:

Most mobile phone users are graphically driven

Think of the millions of images uploaded to Facebook via smartphones as an example – maps are a great way to get your smartphone user engaged with your event. Where is the venue, how do they get there, what are restaurants close by, etc. So, make sure you have mapping capabilities built into your Mobile App.

Your schedule will be the most important and heavily used are of your mobile app

The most popular feature of any mobile event app is going to be the schedule. Your attendees will be using this feature on an ongoing basis. Some will of course check it frequently – if you can integrate advertising or promotions within this area of your app, this can be a great way to generate incremental revenue.

Lead capture is of course critical to the success of your event

Think about integrating QR Code scanning and exhibitor lead reports. Also, you may want to integrate exhibitor profiles and even attendee profiles, coupled with search functionality, which will save time for your attendees.

If you want to generate incremental revenue via your event

Make sure your mobile app vendor offers banner app integration which third parties can sponsor.

Make sure the mobile vendor that you select offers an app that is cross-platform

Your attendees will use a variety of smartphones and devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry) and you want to be able to reach all of them, regardless of the type of device they are using. And, make sure the mobile conference app vendor has deployed their app in a wide variety of event environments.