Scale Your In-Person Conferences Utilizing a Mobile App

Scale Your

When you organize an event like an in-person conference, you have to make every arrangement to ensure its success. Be it keeping up the conversation flow or ensuring that everyone gets to attend; you have to do it all. But how exactly can you achieve all this to scale your in-person conferences?

Well, here are 6 ways to ensure that you can make the most of your event strategy and impress all your attendees and guests. So let’s get started!

6 Ways To Scale Your In-Person Conferences

  • Use In-person Conference App

You have to ensure that you use the right in-person conference app to get the best results. The software should have the best technological features, should be able to accommodate your attendees’ needs, and should be easy to use. It should also offer end-to-end future-proof event management features to ensure your conference carries on smoothly. Otherwise, your guests might become frustrated and leave the session.

  • Incorporate Automation

The less manual work during the in-person conference meetings, the better it is for scaling your actual event. You have to find out which tasks are redundant and can be taken over by automation. Your app can play a vital role here! You can share real-time notifications, incorporate a map feature to let attendees reach the venue without difficulty. It not just save time, but also ensure your workforce concentrates on the essential aspects of the event, rather than attending the frequent phone calls.

  • Use Sponsorships

One of the best ways of scaling your event is by using sponsorships. It can help you achieve your goals while staying on budget. So look for high-profile sponsors with a big budget who can also present a good marketing opportunity. Ensure the sponsor you choose aligns with your event, theme, size, goals, and other factors.

  • Documentation and Communication Is the Key

It is essential to document every aspect of your event to share it with your superiors and stakeholders. Utilizing an in-person app can help improve communication and ensure fewer hurdles during the event. Everyone can talk through an app and even discuss their queries in person. These ultimately enhance the attendees’ experience.

  • Keep Up With Brand Consistency

During the organization of a high-volume event, you have to ensure that the entire event does not overshadow your actual goals and your brand. So make sure you have one brand under which all your events can be accommodated. For example, if you have a single flagship conference or app with a particular theme or image, use that theme in other aspects, too, like brand activations, roadshows, and networking sessions.

  • Partner With The Right Vendor

No matter how experienced your team is to handle events, you will need a robust app to streamline the event. So identify and approach the right vendor to get your in-person conference app quickly.


And that is all you need to know about scaling your in-person conferences! With these tips, you can quickly achieve your goals by boosting brand awareness or improving revenue. So gather your resources, tech, and workforce and start preparations today. Approach Grupio to get your application designed today!