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Are you planning to host your next event online? Grupio's Virtual Meeting Platform is now LIVE!

Grupio is the all-in-one platform evolving the way people plan, experience, and remember virtual events. Perfect for conferences, company events, networking, Hospitals, Universities, and more.Book a demo today!

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Virtual Events

Organizers choose to support their virtual events with Grupio Virtual Events App to keep attendees engaged and informed. Use Grupio’s Virtual Meeting App to house event schedules and materials like presentations or supplementary reading. Keep attendees up to date on the latest with push notifications. A complete agenda offering multiple concurrent sessions with livestream or pre-recorded webinars. This virtual event application also allows you to utilize live polling and surveys to keep audiences engaged throughout the event.

Track Of Attendees

Invite and keep track of attendees. Gather agenda, information, and other assets in a single place. Interact with your audience using the Discussion Board, Push Notifications, surveys, and Live Polls. Encourage networking through the Participants list, Messaging Activity feed, and Photo Gallery. Integrate your live stream (YouTube Live or Zoom, Go to Meeting & Webex) and let participants follow the event while using every app feature without interruption.

App for enterprise or business

Easy To Set Up And Manage

Best of all, Grupio's Virtual Events App is easy to set up and manage with our user-friendly CMS. It’s connected to several 3rd party conferencing services, but based on the existing Grupio technology, event planners can also use every one of the features of regular event management tools like participant management, email blast, registration, etc. Moreover, it provides 1-1 in-app meetings, matchmaking for attendees, and advanced reporting for every part of your app.

Our Virtual Conference Platform gives you the power to connect with a global audience and tailor your conference event to meet your event objectives. Our web & mobile apps offer both knowledge and networking opportunities for virtual and live events. You have an all-in-one platform with everything you need to run a successful event, no matter its format!

Showcase your sponsors and exhibitors online with sponsor banners throughout the Virtual Conference App, Sponsors/Exhibitors’ profiles, Interactive exhibitor maps, lead retrieving tools, company profiles, and videos. In addition, Grupio’s “Connect” feature allows attendees to connect with Exhibitor representatives & exchange contact information to enable future communication.

Key Integrations Seamlessly pair your favorite platforms and tools for a unified experience, you can virtually broadcast any streaming option in the Grupio Platform.

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