Make Virtual Meetings More Successful and Engaging with Grupio


Gone are the days when you could easily walk to a colleague’s seat to ask a query or clear your

doubts. Or regularly gather up for brainstorming sessions. COVID-19 stopped it and made us adopt digital video meetings over face-to-face talks.

However, with the rise of virtual meetings using Virtual Conference Platform, businesses feel a lack of communication between employees leading to employees feeling detached and failing to connect.

So what to do? How do make virtual meetings more successful and engaging at the same time?

Here is the list you can follow. Take a look!

1. Turn Meeting Into Conversation

Lectures are boring for all of us. We all prefer quick short meetings with relevant information. So, if you are organizing a video conference, the better idea is to deliver information in a conversational way and not as a lecture.

For that, you can:

  • Ask any of the meeting members to begin with the topic to present.

  • Split the subject up into parts and let different members present different parts of the information.

  • Encourage your team to ask queries as well.

  • Each time you meet, you can ask a different person to lead the meeting and convey the information.

2. Utilize The Chat Feature

Using a Virtual Conference App with a chat feature is always the right idea for any virtual meeting. You can encourage participation by asking questions on chat. Plus, virtual attendees will feel involved when they will perform the very act of thinking about the queries. They will keep them engaged throughout the meeting, even if it is merely “yes” or “no,” replies.

3. Use All-in-one Tool

Since the pandemic started, workplaces have been looking for a reliable platform they can always directly opt for when they need to conduct a meeting. However, finding a tool with all the features in one place is not easy, and using multiple devices is not practical.

Grupio helps you eliminate the battle of toggling with numerous applications by offering various features in one place. And having one such tool will ultimately offer a more streamlined experience to your team.

4. Conduct fun interactive polls

Another best way to engage all the meeting members is by organizing a poll. You need to use the Virtual Meeting App with a poll feature and then set up polls either during or before/after the meeting. It is an excellent method because this way, you can make people think, act, and wait for the outcome; that means complete engagement. Besides that, you can get accurate and instant feedback too by initiating polls and surveys in real-time.

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