Ten Ways to Use Event Mobile Apps

1) Use Mobile event App to connect with your existing customers, which in turn lowers your marketing costs, drives near and long term engagement.

2) Make sure your speakers and presenters are using your mobile app – their contract and/or Terms of Services should be specific on this point – meaning, they can’t speak or be a participant in your event unless they are using your mobile app platform of choice.

3) Integrate multi-day schedules (our mobile event app does this flawlessly) with your mobile event app – enabling your attendees to see what’s happening, when, where and who is presenting across all of your sessions and presentations.

4) Cross link all of your social media accounts and marketing activities with your mobile app – ensuring you get the broadest exposure possible for all of your digital touchpoints (social media accounts, blog, web site, sponsored pages, etc.).

5) Just like your speakers, make sure your exhibitors are using your mobile app and that their profiles are completely filled out and accurate within the mobile app for your event. Profiles can and should include statement about their exhibit of course, email contacts, social contacts and web site.

6) Set up your maps for the location of the event that are pre-tested prior to the event. Also include a map of the location if your event is being held in a large hotel or conference facility. Remember many of your attendees will expect these maps to be flawless. Don’t overlook double checking them for accuracy in the event planning app.

7) We underscore this point with our clients frequently! Don’t forget to use the period after your event as a marketing opportunity; surveys, feedback forms and/or requests for mentions via social media accounts can help to create post event buzz.

8) Build long term connections with your attendees by offering something of value that moves them to your web site at some point after the event. You don’t want to dilute focus during the event – this should be timed properly, with an offer that resonates with your attendees.

9) Use a conference app for logistics information that may be helpful or informative for your attendees; this can include local places of interest, transportation hubs, nearby restaurants, etc. And, these listings can also give you a way to sell sponsorships to your exhibitors as well.

10) Remember mobile apps can be a common platform for all of your attendees but make sure you integrate an event-specific hashtag as part of your event or several and some of these can be thematic in nature. #SanDiegoMPI #EventProfsSanDiego And, hashtags are no longer just for Twitter – Facebook is not integrating them with their platform.