Boost Engagement and Marketing with Tradeshow Apps

Boost Engagement and Marketing

Trade shows have been an integral part of the business world for a long time.

Wondering, why?

The greatest reason would be – Tradeshows offer an excellent platform for businesses to promote themselves and entice potential customers to boost sales.

The time is gone when people used to spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets or hotel bookings simply to attend a trade fair. Not only that, they even had to suit up to arrive at the venue early in the morning so they could preserve their seat at a jam-packed tradeshow. But thanks to digitization, the virtual landscape offers nothing short of in-person events. Nowadays, companies or individuals prefer Tradeshow Apps to organize virtual trade shows. It benefits both organizers and attendees and offers excellent networking and sponsorship opportunities — as same as the physical environment but comparatively easy, safe, and a lot less overwhelming.

Apart from just monetary benefits, there are various reasons for choosing the virtual landscape for hosting shows. And one of them is it helps boost engagement and marketing via social media integration.

Social Media Integration to Enhance Engagement and Marketing

Integrating powerful social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook into an event app has a coefficient effect that makes the app itself more productive. It further expands your company’s social media profile, both throughout the event and in the long course.

One of the best tricks to get the ball rolling on the event is to choose some relevant hashtags that even users can use while tweeting and posting. That means by making the hashtags part of the app’s start-up screen or tutorial, and the details can be distributed quickly and easily. While attendees can use the hashtags to communicate with one another, you can use them to enhance engagement.

For both exhibitors and attendees alike, this offers benefits that usual fairs can’t match. Most significant is the opportunity to communicate with people in real-time. You can let the world know what’s going on at your booth by distributing up-to-the-minute information. Also, you can monitor people’s interest in your brand by tracking how many people are using your hashtag.

As another benefit of the Virtual Events App, exhibitors can use some witty ways to generate re-tweets, engage attendees, and attract visitors to a booth at particular times during the event.

For example, they can offer snacks to attendees intending a mid-morning energy boost. Then they can post a picture of the snacks with the event’s hashtag and hand out surveys to launch a demonstration or even to gather leads as the audience count increases at the booth.

In all, social media integration in a Mobile Event App harnesses the power of various platforms to engage attendees and promote specific brands throughout the event.

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