Blogging Should be an Integral Part of Your Event Marketing

Blogging is critical for driving traffic and engagement via your web site and the very heart of any social media marketing campaign. Here are ten reasons why you want to include blogging as part of you event marketing mix that will in turn help you find more business.

Reasons to blog for event marketing:

1. Blogging drives brand value for your event company and helps you to promote your company as a thought leader in our industry. Your clients want to know you are knowledgeable about events and a blog lets you communicate with and build rapport with potential customers. The belogs also help you drive people to download your mobile event app.

2. Blogging is so critical to a successful social media marketing campaign. Enabling you to share your content with your social connections via Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest (via images, pictures or videos) – think of a blog as core content to be shared with your connections.

3. Build in a keyword strategy with your blogging which will in turn help you to show up in search engine rankings for targeted keywords (use local or GEO targeted terms when you can) that your potential customers may use to find an event professional.

4. Involve your team with a blog – your customer service and/or sales managers (or staff) can all take turns doing guest posts via your company blog that will let them ‘talk about” a topic that they have an in-depth understanding of the best event app features.

5. Use guest blogging to help promote and or cement your relationship with vendors who you work with – guest posts will also help to give you blog a broader “voice” and broaden the topics that are being referenced. Thes can very crucial when you do conferences and show that you you can manage a wide set of audience.

6. Think about blogging as being more than a one way conversation for your event firm – comments and social sharing impart a broader reach for your blog and make your web site much more dynamic. Blogs are also very effective in promoting your conference app acceptance by the user.

How to write blogs for your event:

7. A blog is an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy – driving traffic to your site, giving you a greater “voice” for your business that will be amplified via social media as others in your industry refer back to your blog and web site.

8. Blogging can be more than text – whip our your smartphone (it’s done every day by many of your peers) and do a “VBlog” that will just be a short interview or Q&A session about a specific topic that you think customers will find interesting. Share how you benefir form the event planning app and how it makes you make your client events a success. Then, just upload into your WordPress blog or web site and don’t forget to share it via a YouTube account.

9. Use WordPress for blogging (we do) – it’s a free platform and can be easily integrated with your web site design or you can use WordPress for your web site. And, there a tens of thousands of plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress.

10. Use social media to “ask” your customers what they would like you to blog about – this will help to drive better engagement with your social media accounts and give you fresh topics to use for Blogging.

11. Remember Event App usage will be one of the ways attendees access your blog – make sure it is mobile ready and can be accessed via top tier smartphones.

A blog should again be an important component of your overall marketing strategy and tactics for your event company – it does so many positive things for your business and again, positions your firm as thought leaders and experts in your field!
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