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To extend the reach of physical events like conferences, annual meetings, sales meetings etc. virtual events can lend a helping hand. Digital extensions can provide additional means to the event management companies to generate revenue, gather sponsors and call attendees without any physical commute.

Promoting sponsors and partners is quite common during events for various reasons. For some sponsors, exposure is the sole reason for their contribution. The type of event doesn’t matter, using an event application that can help promote sponsors is an efficient way to reach your goal.

Just like standees and booths in physical events, virtual events can also help generate revenue via sponsorships. The absence of physical space is the only difference. But with virtual space, you have multiple locations that can be used for monetization. You can even segment and sell different locations as packages to potential sponsors.

To help you get a basic idea here are some popular sponsorship locations in events app as options:

1. Promote sponsors with banners

Banner ads in your events app vary across platforms. You can have multiple ads that can be shown as a carousel with links, images and texts in a continuous rotation. This way you will be able to generate more revenue from a single location by showcasing multiple sponsors and partners at the same time.

– Everyone will get the same exposure and you can check the stats of the number of visits and clicks through Grupio’s admin panel.

– Grupio is the best event planning app that can help you place these banners on the homepage, in-app chat sections, coupons section etc directly from the CMS portal.

– Maintaining a banner ad inventory with multiple templates can help reuse these creative assets for display ads in future events.

2. Highlight partners in the menu/ navigation bars

The landing pages for your sponsor ads come later before that you need to make sure that you promote them within your app.

– Use a powerful, informative and interesting ad copy with their logo icons. These ad copies can have videos, pdfs, images, text or anything.

– After you have the final copies, gather all of them for every sponsor and pin it to the main menu in different folders. This will ensure that your participants have easy access to any information they need.

– Navigation bars are a good place to add a button which will redirect participants to their desired location within your conference app.

3. Reach out to participants with sponsor push notifications

– Push notifications can help you make sure that the participants know your sponsors or any partner that has a really good offer.

– Push notifications work more or less like a text message. However, with push notifications, you can directly send a text with a picture and even hyperlink them to another landing page within your conference app or a third-party page.

– You can send these notifications real-time or schedule them for the future. They will be automatically deployed at the time of your choice.

4. Include partners’ information in the participant’s list

You can sponsor contact details in the participant’s list to ensure that participants have easy access to connect with them anytime they want.

– Make a sponsor profile with a picture(company logo), name, email, phone number along with links to their website and social media platforms etc.

– You can even add an option of in-app chat in their profile so that attendees can get in touch with them directly.

This is a great way to promote partners and sponsors as participants will be just a click away from contacting them.

5. Maximize Your ad revenue with Gamification!

Games during physical events can help foster connections and increase networking amongst the participants and attendees.

– You can combine the exposure within your events app with a sponsored contest. Like multiple-choice questions asking about the sponsors and ask your participants to search the app or click on a banner to win prizes etc.

– Sponsors can incorporate their brandings within these games. If they want exclusivity they can even decide the whole content by paying more money.

Gaming packages are a great way to monetize the whole experience and make it fun for your attendees

6. Social Media Integration

Social media marketing is an important part of all events during this age of technology. These platforms can help generate a lot of chatter for sponsors especially during public events.

– Custom white label event app platforms can help event producers to integrate social media platforms within their app. All these links can redirect you directly to their landing pages so that attendees can follow to keep up with the updates.

– Including hashtags during such events is quite popular to increase engagement. A feature that allows attendees to directly share any content from the app on their social media channel is also a great way to generate buzz before, during and even after the event is done.

7. Email communication and Mentions

– Promotional emails sent to a targeted list of potential attendees can help generate an audience. Alongside the event content in these emails, a listing of sponsors can be included as a part of a sponsor package.

– Monetize this by mentioning sponsors, partners in all the communications being sent out for event updates e.g. in confirmation and reminder emails.

8. Marquee Texts and Messages

Marquee messaging is such an innovative way to monetize your conference or tradeshow apps. The scrolling text that appears within the app can be used to advertise sponsors and partners.

– Schedule these texts to appear at a certain time during the day or include a series of marquee messages that will rotate throughout the event.

– All these texts can also be hyperlinked to address within the app or redirected to external webpages.

Summary :

Virtual Events and conferences apps are a great way and means to generate new revenue sources while connecting with the audience at the same time. Event planners and management companies can provide maximum value to sponsors by leveraging all the online tools within their platform. Gamification and monetisation will be a memorable experience for your attendees, great exposure for your sponsors and a successful event with awesome revenue for your company.

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