How Conference Event App is an Excellent Platform for Sponsorship Opportunities?


The recent event industry’s shift to virtual conferences came with many benefits for both corporations and planners. But when it comes to virtual events, the primary concern is how do we captivate sponsors? Or how will we be able to score the revenue goals with this new concept?

Many companies and event planners are still hastening for virtual event sponsorship opportunities to make sense in a new digital world.

Well, Virtual Conference App can help in the same. The apps offer an excellent platform concerning sponsorship opportunities by providing enough and the most suitable space to position ads for tremendous visibility and a huge click-through rate.

Promoting Sponsorship at Virtual Conferences

Being an event organizer, you rely on sponsorship dollars to empower your events, and it doesn’t have to swap in a virtual arrangement. In fact, the Conference Event App offers various ways to get your sponsors to stand out.

Take it this way: When you add a sponsor banner at a live event, you can’t monitor how many people noticed it or if it encouraged any conversions. Or, most importantly, did the right people even watch the ad? God knows!

But with a Virtual Conference Platform, sponsors can merge tracking information in hyperlinks to better analyze conversions and impressions. Knowing the fact that they can track their ROI will strengthen their decision to sponsor your virtual event.

A virtual event app can include monetized ad space for more substantial revenue opportunities. Here are some ways you can confer your sponsors some recognition at a virtual event add:

  • Sponsored splash pages
  • Sponsored banner ads
  • Sponsored push notifications
  • Sponsor profiles
  • Sponsored event games
  • Sponsor logos in a live stream

Using such ways, a virtual event can be turned engaging for not only sponsors but also attendees. Also, it helps demonstrate ROI and facilitates revenue opportunities.

Besides, giving the most significant opportunities for brand awareness throughout your virtual conference can help you turn your sponsors into partners.

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