10 Ways To Successfully Promote Your Event

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Strategy and streamlining operations ahead of time are important when it comes to event promotion. There are different methods and plans that can be used to promote events. However, understanding the key techniques is very important for creating effective and reliable event marketing as well as event app promotion strategies.

Event promotion is basically broken down into different stages from pre-launch to live and post-event. From social media to print media, there are so many channels that you can use to promote your event. You only need to find the right event promotion strategies that can actually help you engage and increase your ROI. Some of the best strategies are below:

1. Use A Repeat Business System in Your Event Promotion Strategies

Getting people to attend your event is one of the main concerns of event planning companies. You can use a repeat business system to boost ticket sales for unique events. Acquiring new customers is much costlier than retaining your old ones.

You should influence your social media followers by checking if they align with your target audience. All these users can become your potential customers and that is why inviting them in real-life events will be an easy sell for you. Apart from that, you can use the list of similar events that you might have planned in the past. Last but not least is web traffic analytics. It will help you reach out to already interested audiences with strategic ads. Grupio is the best event planning app that can help you implement this without any hindrances.

2. Pre-sale Event Promotion Strategies

Pre-sale tickets are a good strategy if you are offering discounts. You can capitalize on the attendee’s positive experience. As, it is bound to be quite fresh in their minds. Apart from that, you can collect email, social media handles, referral links and in exchange share enticing offers. Grupio can help you develop a white-labelled event app that can help you streamline your operations like ticket scanning/registration, social connection, in-app chat and networking etc.

3. Use Online Resources to Amp Up Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tricky business that involves a lot of moving parts and unique demands to stand out in the inbox of users. You should leverage automation platforms to assist you in successful promotion via opt-in forms, upselling merchandising etc. You can even add multimedia links within your newsletters for videos and track their conversion to analyse the click rate. This will help you in figuring out what your audience responds to the most.

4. Social Media Influence

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool for events. Add incentives to social media sharing and referral to crowdsource additional sales. E.g. social sharing ticket discounts for additional guests, or point system to purchase tickets after successful x referrals. Social media integration boost awareness of any event Therefore, whether it is a healthcare, enterprise , university or trade show event app social media integration feature plays an important role.

Apart from that using an events hashtag is also one of the effective event promotion strategies. E.g. ask users to participate in contests by sharing your posts and using the hashtag to avail discounts.

5. Optimize Organic Search Results

Event websites are like information and update portals for your attendees, you need to make sure that your event SEO strategy is up-to-date with the latest algorithms. Such as you need to optimize voice search, use high rank and relevant keywords to target your niche audience. Moreover, you also need to build your web pages around SEO centric content and make sure your page is responsive. Additionally, make sure you use reputed links to embed on top of your page.

6.Successful Video Marketing

Videos can help you personalize your event invitations, follow-ups, and marketing strategy. A well-executed video can help showcase authenticity. According to study, 90% of users are more likely to buy a product if they have a video attached to post. Same goes for event ticket sales. You just need to make sure that your videos are not sales pitch recited with a floral background. Try to make it more personalized with empowering, value-packed content.

Live videos and stories on your social media platforms can also help you connect more with your audience. If you have a conference app, you can make tutorials to help promote usage and eventually generate sales.

7. Display Ads for Event Promotion

Display ads are different from search and voice ads online. While running display ads you need to make sure that you’re focusing on the visuals as well as the content. It should share your point across within a few seconds. For Higher ROI, you need to use targeted URLs, keyword related content on webpages and apps, and demography specific attributes.
Make sure you have a call to action button while running your ads. You can even retarget potential leads via retargeting ads.

8. Personalize Your Way to ABM Success

Event applications are a way to ensure that you set up attendee accounts with correct information. All this data can help you create personalised campaigns. You’ll get an idea about the psychographic attributes of your attendees that can help ensure effective marketing.

You can work on creating dynamic offers after proper analytics on your prospects. Segregating people in two similar groups and then A/B testing can help you check what works.Customizing landing pages within the app or websites, such as adding their name, can go a long way.

9.Boost Reach with Effective Partner Promotions

You should have a clear understanding of the event goal to work on pre-event screenings for sponsors. It will ensure that your strategies will guarantee collective buy-in. Most events do not need multiple partnerships. But partners can help you ask the right questions before reaching out to the potential customers. Make sure that you and your partner(s) are on the same page related to the event expectations. To ensure a long-lasting mutual relationship, make sure you deliver what you promised. Keep a dedicated workflow document. Don’t miss emails and keep a tab on easily mismanaged tasks. These points will help you ensure a healthy event promotion and PR.

10. Leverage Event Technology Stack

Your event technology stack will facilitate your event promotion startegies. You have to make sure that you use the latest technologies for all your digital promotions. Use the best marketing tools or customised white label events apps etc. they will not only help you to promote efficiently but also streamline your process by automation so that you do not fret about monotonous tasks.


You will find so many strategies and tips in the market that it might confuse you. We suggest that before you jump on the big trends, make sure that your foundation is correct. Work on the basics and start by incorporating the above-mentioned strategies in your plan.

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