Building a Great Atmosphere at Your Next Event

Goes without saying but the atmosphere is critical to the success of any event – enabling your attendees to relax, feel comfortable and interact with your speakers, exhibitors and one another. There isn’t any one thing that an event planner should do to build that great atmosphere at an event; it’s a number of factors.

How to build a great event atmosphere using a mobile event app:

1. Select great speakers, the right strategic partners in terms of your vendors, suppliers and location. Don’t be afraid to ask your speakers and suppliers about their recommendations. Pick their brains to understand what you can do to make sure baseline issues are addressed for your event. Invite them to download your event planning app and help them in coordination.

2. In some cases the event location is like the old saying about real estate “location, location and location……” Having said that, it’s important to choose the perfect location and venue for your event – if an awards ceremony critical to have the proper amount of space so your attendees don’t feel like they are crammed into a room. If it’s a product launch or more festive occasion go for a venue that is more contemporary and casual; if it’s a one day event then hold it at a venue close to transportation and one that is convenient for potential attendees. If it’s a week-end retreat then you can hold it at a much more exotic location. What ever the location keep all participants updated through event app map feature.

3. First impressions at events like building any relationship are critical. Make sure you have someone at the door that is greeting your guests with a warm smile and the greeter or host or hostess should also be knowledgeable about the event and venue, enabling them to respond to questions from arrivals. You typically want to have one staff member of ever 65 event attendees to ensure you are conveying hospitality and are able to respond to any requests from your attendees. Keep updating your event app and send out notifications for changes and whats going on.

4. It can be very challenging choosing food and beverages that please the varied tastes of your attendees – great caterers can really make or break your conference or event. You want to serve a meal that is tailored for your guests, that’s current with lifestyles and one that will not offend your attendees in any way. Ask for special dietary requests in advance and make sure these are ready to go and in sufficient volume. Make sure you have more servings allocated by your caterer or venue – plan for a few extra guests and review past event attendance to get a handle on this variable. seo analysis For beverages, have water at every table, select wines that are middle of the road and not too adventuresome and make sure the bar is well stocked with alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic and serve coffee and tea. Keep your menu in your conference app and let your guests plan there course.

Keep a human touch for the attendees:

5. Music can help to build a great ambiance for any event or make it impossible for your attendees to hear each other or relax. Light jazz or classical is great for most corporate events or meetings; don’t use more contemporary music that could possible offend your guests and that may also set the wrong mood or ambiance.

6. Lighting sets the tone for any event and should be coupled properly with the music. If you get both of these right you are setting the right ambiance when/as your guests walk into the event. You can use spot or LED uplighters to enhance the architecture of the room of the signage tha you want to stand out. Your event production staff should carefully choreograph the lighting effects (or lack thereof) with your speakers’ presentations.

7. Set up the room to adequately meet your event requirements. Work with your venue staff or suppliers prior to the event to make sure your equipment and furniture will work for the number of attendees. Check the room prior to the event and walk around each area to make sure everything is ready and prepared.

If it’s a casual event then cabaret seating will let your attendees mingle freely and it will make the event seem less formal and open to them. If more formal event, then a structured place setting is much better and make sure your host or hostess points guests to the right seating. Don’t assume your guest will automatically understand the seating chart.

If you follow the basic guidelines for building a great atmosphere along with mobile event app at your next event you should get some great feedback from your guests and the event should be a resounding success!