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If you have invested time and money in building an events app then you know that pricing is one of the most confusing aspects. You might find apps that are free while some apps can cost up to lakhs. This dramatic variation in price is due to the features, functionality, UI and technology used to build these apps. However, you can not really pinpoint why some event app development cost a lot more than others. All these apps have a basic agenda, floor plan and tools but you need to dig deeper for the logic. First of all, let’s talk about the free goodies.

Is trying free online events app worth it?

A lot of mobile event app development companies have more than one plans to access their tool. E.g. a free version, monthly pack or a yearly subscription. But there are free apps that have a lot of constraints when it comes to the number of attendees and the features they provide, availability on different platforms or the number of events that can be managed at one time.
There are weekly trial packs too where you get to check all the features for a limited time for free. After that, you can decide whether you want to continue or skip the tool. Although these apps are not a long term solution or a replacement for a native event management app, they are worth a shot. You can get a basic idea about the overall technologies and strategies being used in the market to make events successful.

Why Is Events App Development Cost So Much?

Building an white label event app from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming task, especially when it comes to “native” apps. Native apps are basically built to work on specific platforms like Apple or Android devices. So all the functionalities and UI features are added via code for both platforms.

The first step is designing the app, which requires a product manager, a content team and a UI/UX designer. After that, you will need a front end development team to develop the conceptualized design. The next step is quality assurance and only after all these things are done, will you be able to launch your app in the market via app stores. And getting your app tested and approved by the play store or app store team is a time-consuming business. If you are developing all this in the house there is a long list of checks that you have to take care of, however, if you are outsourcing then you don’t have to worry about any of this. Native apps are smooth and efficient, however, all these tasks make people shift to cross-platform apps. So naturally, the budget goes up. It is also recommended that you develop your event app many months ahead of your deadline. And, for that you need to estimate your event app development cost.

Is There an Easier Way?

Given all the cost and effort involved with developing apps, mobile app development companies tend to lean toward an easier and more cost-effective alternative. Companies with budget constraints like startups or big companies with projects that fall under the lower end of the price spectrum are offered an off-the-shelf event application where multiple events from different companies are listed on a single platform together. Event management companies don’t get their personalized apps. Instead, attendees are requested to download a or log in on a third party app/platform and search for their event. This method is fast, convenient, economic and hassle-free. However, there is a chance that your app will get a lot amongst a hundred other events listed and because you do not have your personalized app you will not have control over the look and feel.

How Can You Reduce the Cost while developing a customized app?

For a professional slick look and experience, you need a native app that is built and customized specifically for your event. Which will automatically result in increasing your overall event app development cost. However, before you go gaga over the cost, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help you keep the costs down.

Do not start from scratch

Make sure that you outsource or buy from an established mobile app deployment company. They already have the framework and platform to build event organizer app. Given how much this technology has already evolved, it will be a stupid move to start your event app from scratch.

Keep your customization to a minimum

Thoroughly learn about the framework that you choose to develop your app on. Try to find pre-built modules that can serve the purpose without extra modifications. Minimizing the customization will also reduce errors. Try to get the tested functionalities within the existing framework wherever you can.

Only add important features

Before you start developing an app make sure that your event app cost is according to your app features. Moreover, only add the features that are really important. If your target audience is on android then there is no point building an app for iOS users and vice versa. There are a lot of lucrative features on the internet, don’t let them budge from your decision of keeping it simple and efficient. It’s much better to start with a few features and then gradually add them as you grow.

Make money from your app

Events app require time and money, but if you are smart enough your app can help you recover that cost in no time. You get to save the cost on brochures and other online marketing channels that cost an extra amount as you can get in touch with customers on your app via notifications and pop-ups. You can also have the feature to add sponsors and exhibitors or allow them to advertise on your channel for your product.


Conference app development is a diverse market with dynamic cost variants. You need to strategize in order to get the best value for your investment. Try Grupio, it is the best events apps platform that can help you choose the right app for your company. Doesn’t matter if you have one event to handle at a time or 10, we have a solution for all of them.

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