Best Event Management App Features for 2020

Every event is an amalgamation of logistics, planning, marketing and budget. But gone are the days where everything was written on papers or notepads to keep a track. It’s the 21st century and technology has truly taken over all aspects of our life. Be it business or everyday life chores, you can easily find an app for all things big and small.

Event management apps are on the rise because they are a neat and hassle-free way of working throughout the event. It makes life easy for organisers and customers both. It’s a given for organisers that they are going to get the best app possible. If you are working on an event planning app, there are some key features that you need to add without a second thought.

1. Registration for an event:

Online registration for any event is a must-have a dynamic and easy way for organisations to streamline the registration process. It helps to serve the clientele properly. This properly maintained database helps to monitor the registered accounts and the expectations of the attendees can be met if you have a rough idea about the number of people that are going to attend your event. This well organised and hassle-free online registration can save time and double up your efficiency in no time.

2. Payment processing of an event:

Your app should provide the facility of secure and instant online transactions for your event. The option of getting payments directly in the account instead of dealing with a third party involvement. Getting all the payments on time helps to process all arrangements on time without any delays or hurdles.

3. Budget management of an event:

Budget management is an important aspect of every event. These mobile conference app allow managing funds by keeping track of expenses in an efficient and streamlined manner. All the financial management will on the tips or just a click away, which makes the whole process a lot smoother and headache-free as all records are available at one place. A proper statistics list and distribution helps in eliminating budget troubles with the help of proper analytics by viewing past expenses.

4. On-site functionality of an event:

Functionalities of all the things that you might need on-site, such as attendee list and management, meetings and updating events on media platforms will help you provide a seamless and smooth operational process during the event.

5. Management of workflow:

A task list for your staff is really important so your app should allow you to delegate work to your team members according to their roles and responsibilities. This to-do list will help in tracking staff performance efficiency by automating processes like sending invitations, reminders and event emails etc.

The best time to delegate the work will be around 2 weeks before. The authorization and permission access will vary according to the duties given to your staff members. Make sure that only the managerial position holders are able to edit big tasks while the intense handle the monotonous and operational aspects of the event.

6. Increase accessibility:

Your application should be easily accessible from a web portal or any other platform. It will help in building smooth communication and better operations. Make sure all your registered attendees are able to access your application via web and mobile both. A check on this will also help you to change your event scalability according to your requirement. You can limit the access to your event management app or a event organizer app for exclusive events with low capacity.

7. Social sharing

Social networking is a big part and driving force for making any event a success these days. A huge social media presence improves the credibility and networking of any event. Make sure you keep an option to share live images, videos and event-related links on social media directly from the app. This will be a really good feature that the attendees expect and enjoy, it will also work as a free publicity/ marketing stunt for your event.

8. Personalised content and mobile update feature

Gone are the days for direct marketing, people expect the content they can connect with. They want content specially tailored according to their needs. It will result in higher engagement and that, in turn, will improve your sponsor publicity.
After all these features there still might be a lot of last-minute changes on the event day. The event day is so hectic half of the time people don’t know where the laptop is so. SO make sure you have the ability to edit everything from your phone instead of running around your tech team to clean up the mess.

9. Targeted notifications

Your event application should have the ability to differentiate between early-attendees from cohort keynote speakers. It should help you ensure that you treat them accordingly. Make sure that any app you’re shopping or building allows you to target notifications to groups of delegates. E.g. people who are attending a particular session, or even one specific delegate when he cancels a session or you might want them to know about certain sponsorships etc. This will ensure you don’t spam everyone each time you send a message.

10. Chatbots and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is like a virtual assistant that never makes a mistake if your command is right. This technology is kind of new in the event management business. However, it can make your work a lot easier by taking all the monotonous works. E.g. you can automate notifications for your attendees, sponsors etc, get help in identifying the contacts and reaching out to them so that they do not miss important updates, you can schedule push and pop-ups with AI algorithms according to the user behaviour and so on. Virtual assistants like Google and Siri can help you embrace AI more comfortably.


These are some of the features that we believe should not be missed out in any white label event app. You might see a lot of platforms in the market that offer endless features to help make the best events app, However, you should understand what works for you. The features that are good for a medical event might not work for an award function. Make sure you know what your priorities are before you decide to develop an app. The approach and management of events have completely changed with the help of technology, you can customize your event in a better and synchronised way if you know how to use all the endless technology available to your advantage.