The A-Z Of Event Management: Here’s What You Need To Know

The A-Z Of Event Management Here's What You Need To Know

Planning and organizing events can be both exciting and challenging. Event management is vital for anyone who wants to organize events of any size or type. This guide covers everything from planning to execution and gives tips and tricks to make your events successful. It also highlights the features of the best event and conference app management.

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Different Types of Corporate Events You Should Know

5 Types of Corporate Events Your Business May Host

Businesses can use corporate events to connect, engage and showcase their brand to various stakeholders. Corporate events can help any business, big or small, build relationships, drive innovation and achieve goals.

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Get a Good Start In 2023 With These 4 Incredible Features For Your Conference Apps

Since the internet’s early days, people have been discovering ways to make more engaging, interactive and efficient conferences and meetings. Now, conference apps play a very important role in this. A Personal conference app is something that enables the participants to get in the network from one to another, share files and documents and connect with meeting and conference organizers. It also gives you the forum to discuss various topics raised at the conference. Additionally, it can also help you in making the conference more engaging and interactive for the participants of the meeting. So basically, in this blog, we are going to talk about the most significant feature you must approach while choosing any conference app.  Continue reading “Get a Good Start In 2023 With These 4 Incredible Features For Your Conference Apps”

Considerations When Selecting a Conference Or Event App


EOD! It is imperative that you evaluate your day’s work at the end of the day. You must know what you achieved and what’s still remaining on the list. So you can prepare a better plan. Just like this, it is essential to evaluate your event’s success to organize better future events. The event management or personal conference app is like a backbone to planning and organizing an event.   Continue reading “Considerations When Selecting a Conference Or Event App”

Indispensable Conference And Event Apps

Indispensable Conference

Business tycoons and entrepreneurs worldwide have come up with new ways to organize their meetings. Don’t restrict yourself to traditional and boring meetings; explore the latest technology. Video conferencing is also a good option for quick and remote discussions.

The best event apps facilitate corporate work, and it is easy to conduct interviews or seminars through them. Several content management systems develop apps that help manage data, prevent security any breach, and keep employees abreast of the latest business models.  Continue reading “Indispensable Conference And Event Apps”

Streamline Communication Process With Grupio’s Conference Meeting App

Grupio, your trusted digital event planning partner, has come up with the perfect solution for your personal conference meeting – A personal conference app. 

As a corporate employee, you know that internal networking and efficient communication is a must. Different departments with over 100 employees need clear communication and real-time information transfer to keep everyone in the loop. Meetings play a bigger role in all this. Conferences or meetings are held to discuss important agendas and to make decisions.  Continue reading “Streamline Communication Process With Grupio’s Conference Meeting App”

Use In Person Conference Apps to Improve Your Business Performance

Running a business is not a piece of cake. Thousands of things to learn and manage. Understandably, as a working person, stress never ends; a hectic day of work can ruin your mood. But if you can achieve a little bit of success by doing a good presentation, impressing your potential clients, or just conducting a good engaging face-to-to conference, it may simply cheer up your mood. You can allow the use of an in-person conference app for meetings and discussions. Must say, the right choice of an app can be a boon for face-to-face conferences. 
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Make the Most of Your Next Work Meeting With Grupio In-Person Conference App

Make the Most

Yes, you can use an in-person conference app during face-to-face meetings too. Let’s dive in to learn how it’s beneficial!

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Putting An End To Myths And Stating The Facts

Putting An End

We all are well aware of the developing technologies of personal conference meeting apps. Everyone is using virtual conferencing platforms, whether on a daily basis or occasionally, from big business organizations to small enterprises. These platforms have proven to be a great help during pandemic times. And for the work of people, this is next to heaven, no load of visiting office, just attend a meeting. However, there is no doubt that personal conference app technologies have changed the working environment.  Continue reading “Putting An End To Myths And Stating The Facts”