Conference App Guide Book 2020

For conference success, Mobile apps are rapidly becoming a must-have addition. But what works for conferencing apps and why? In this digital age, technology is a central aspect if you’re in the event or conference planning industry.

Conference apps provide an opportunity to offer an interactive version of your program and proceedings with a feature to connect with delegates immediately. Navigation, picking agendas and getting crucial updates from chairs, networks and attendees feedback, everything becomes easier with apps. Need a positive return on your investments? You should build an app today. Continue reading “Conference App Guide Book 2020”

What does it take to be the best event planning app?

best-event-planning-app-tips ‎When you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook, have you noticed ads related to events near your place? There are hundreds of events with different demographics and interests that are being held up daily. Event planning app has proven to be an engaging and powerful medium. They optimize the efforts of organizers to improve customer experience.

With the growing demand, there are many of event planning apps in the market, but what makes the best event apps stand out? To help you get a better idea about the event planning app development, we have compiled a list of points and features. Continue reading “What does it take to be the best event planning app?”

Mobile Applications Giving Power to Control and Plan Events.

Mobile applications are ruling the world of events. There is a significant impact of adopting a mobile app in order to carry out a worthy-plan to organize a successful event. That is why it is important to approach an experienced agency offering the best platform to clients to have a corporate event app. Continue reading “Mobile Applications Giving Power to Control and Plan Events.”

Business Event App – Control Your Event Effectively!

Business event app hand over the control-power to the planner to communicate and interact effectively. A planner can easily upload the event’s agenda or information about the program, and make it available for guests, attendees, or invitees to access it. Invitees or guests can easily access the schedule for the event so that they can mark their presence on time. A mobile event app is associated with the benefit of facility overview. Continue reading “Business Event App – Control Your Event Effectively!”

Mobile Event Apps – Smartest Way to Power-up Your Event Planning

There were times when mobile phones were hyped pager. And today is the time where these powerful gadgets are just like super computers which fit in the palm of our hand. Not to our surprise, Event planning app of the mobile phones brought a rise in mobile event apps. And mobile applications hold great importance to, especially, for event professionals. Top event app functions are designed by covering a range of functions. The event apps tend to make tasks easier, simpler, and faster yet the entire sequence remains proficient. As event apps cover a lot of needs, the features in apps will certainly benefit event planners. They are advantageous to everyone who is associated with the event(s) like attendees, guests, partners, sponsors, and exhibitors. Continue reading “Mobile Event Apps – Smartest Way to Power-up Your Event Planning”

Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)


Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)

Nothing can be great than planning, managing, and organizing an event without error! And this is what every planner aims. In this digital world, things are available at our fingertips. There is a different level of ease associated with mobile technology .It allows people/users to hold more power to trail their success-path and achieve their targets. For event planners, the mobile event app is truly a blessing!. It allows planners to stay efficient and make their event a grand success. Let’s have a look at the benefits of mobile apps in different sectors- Continue reading “Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)”

Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?

Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?

Mobile app deployment

A lot has been written, read, and heard about the importance of smartphone and how a rise of smartphone users gave a boost to event applications. No doubt, Event apps make event planning more efficient and hassle-free! Everyone demands personalized info at their fingertips & apps have capabilities to provide access to facts, figures, and updates on just a single click. It helps event marketers to create more personalized attendees experience and keep them engaged before, during, and after the event. Continue reading “Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?”

Supercharge Your Next Event with Live Engagement Marketing

In this frantic tech savvy world, the time has come where a tremendous change can be observed in the field of marketing. The evolution of live engagement marketing has impacted the event field market in a positive way. This technique has altered the relationship between the customers and the businesses. Continue reading “Supercharge Your Next Event with Live Engagement Marketing”

The Future of Event is in Event Application

In recent decades, technology has played a major role in making “Only constant thing is Change” proverb true. Almost everything from our shopping to business platforms has shifted over the Internet. But one show business which hasn’t changed much is “Event Industry”. Einsteins of Event Industry don’t see many changes in this business in near future. Continue reading “The Future of Event is in Event Application”

Trends To Follow By Events Apps in 2018

It is hard for anyone to imagine life without technology, more so in the tech-savvy 21st century. With technology expanding its circle of scope with every passing day, understanding and preempting trends in technology is extremely beneficial.

Event organizers heavily dependent upon Event Apps for their audience engagement and as a source of sponsorship. With the changing trends, event app are also changing. This article discusses the trends and their importance to follow in Events applications.

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Continue reading “Trends To Follow By Events Apps in 2018”